Psychology Club

The psychology club provides students with an opportunity to take on leadership roles, become acquainted with other students with similar interests and goals, and get involved with professional development and networking.

Some activities the club has sponsored are:

Pumpkin Patch Outings
Fall Festival
Pool Party
Movie Nights
Dozo's Sushi

Some of this year's fun includes Movie Nights, a Starbucks outing, Columbia jackets for members and more! 

Officers 2016-17

Officer Officer Officer Officer Officer

Photo of Sally Becker

Photo of Ellen Burgeson

Photo of Evie Lumsden

Photo of Kasondra Reel

Photo of Roxanna Vasques

Sally Becker

Ellen Burgeson

Evie Lumsden

Kassondra Reel

Roxanna Vasques

The Psychology Club is also looking for future officers take leadership of the club. If you are interested in being an officer or would like more information on the Psychology Club, contact Jordan Leddy at jordan.leddy [at]