Meet the Consultants

Amanda Ashburn, Consultant and Social Media Coordinator

Hey friends! I'm Amanda, a junior language arts education major. Paraphrasing and summarizing are my specialties, I enjoy treasure hunting for sources, and if you just want to have a conversation I'm up for that too. I can help you with APA, MLA, and for you theology majors we can tackle CMS together! I would love for you to pop in and see me at the Studio.


Giovanna Chavez, Consultant and Social Media Coordinator

Susy Gomez, Consultant and Assistant Director

Alo! I am Susy (with two S's), a junior social work major. I love starting the research process, brainstorming, organizing, and polishing papers. I especially love working with writers from different cultural backgrounds and learning from the papers I read. My strengths are in research papers and APA formats. Come see me at the place where writing is never dull!

Yvionne Joseph, Consultant

Ahoy! I'm a junior education major—so yes, I'm familiar with Moses. I enjoy writing and editing papers, mainly for grammar and spelling. Helping you helps me get better at my own writing, so stop by! P.S. I love reading, so come and chill with me to discuss your favorite books.

Aphelandra Messer, PR Manager

Call me Aphee. I'm a junior English major, and my Studio specialties are research papers, speech preparation, and helping you find your unique writing voice.

Kim Peterson, Consultant

Well hello there! I am Kim, a freshman business major. As a native Nebraskan, I have learned to visit far off lands through literature. I wrote a small devotional book that was published by AdventSource and the experience sparked my dreams of signing with a publisher some day. Being talkative and helping you enjoy the wonders of writing is what draws to me to work here in the Studio.


Enrique Quezada, Consultant


Taylor Roberts, Consultant

Hi, I'm Taylor, and I'm a junior language arts education major. As my major implies, I love language and helping others understand how to use it. Your success is deeply important to me and I'll be happy to help you with anything you bring down to the Studio!

Kay Salibio, Consultant

Hi, my name is Kay and I’m a senior nursing major. I love all things blue and anything related to manatees. I enjoy helping people, so working at the Studio has been fun. I specialize in APA citations, but I will help you in any way I can.