Division Services

Pre-Law Listerv

Many students are interested in pre-law and the opportunities Union College offers for it. The Humanities department at Union College offers information and applications for students looking into pre-law studies. Click here for more information.

Adventist Colleges Abroad

Union College is a member of Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA), a cooperative arrangement between Adventist colleges and universities of the United States and participating Adventist colleges and universities in other countries. The ACA program at Union College allows students to immerse themselves in the culture and life of a host country and become conversant in the language. This opportunity is provided to qualified students for inter nation study while completing degree requirements at their home colleges and universities. For more information on the ACA program, click here.

Teaching Learning Center

The Teaching Learning Center (TLC) is Union College's academic support and accessibility services provider. Any student at Union College can receive academic support from the TLC. Click here for more information on the TLC. 


There are many internships the Humanities Department offers its students such as recruitment, event planning and public relations. More internships.