The Eumenides, Spring 2008

Ideas come to life on stage as this play explores the installation of judicial systems to alleviate cycles of violence.  Orestes, the protagonist of The Eumenides, is being hounded for having killed his mother, Clytemnestra, who killed his father, Agamemnon.  How will vengeance be satiated?  How will an equilibrium of justice be restored?  In finding answers to these and other questions, 21st century audiences encounter the roots of western thought and civilization, recognizing familiar concepts even as they encounter ancient times and characters.

Written in the fifth century B.C. by Aeschylus and translated in the late 1990s by British poet Ted Hughes, the play is the third in a trilogy by Aeschylus which includes Agamemnon and The Libation Bearers

The play is directed by Mark Robison, associate professor in Union College's Division of Humanities.

The Eumenides will be performed in Woods Auditorium on the campus of Union College, 3800 South 48th Street. 

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