Language Link Application

Are you ready to study in America? You can study English and experience experience life in America for yourself. for eight weeks

To begin, fill out the application form below. After we receive your application, we will ask you to:

  • Verify an intermediate language skill level in English with the program director
  • Ask a teacher, employer or other respected individual send one letter of recommendation
  • After receiving a letter of acceptance, send the $6950 program fee (fee pays for transportation, tuition, room and food)
Personal Information
Place of Birth
Ethnicity/Race (Optional)
These categories were developed by the U.S. government to describe groups to which individuals belong, identify with, or belong in the eyes of the community. The categories do not denote scientific definitions of anthropological origins. You are not required to answer these questions, but Union College is required to collect the data. First state whether you consider yourself Hispanic or Latino, then select a racial group.
Student's Current Contact Information
Example: 402.486.2600 (Home)
Parent/Legal Guardian Information
Please list the person from whom we will receive a recommendation for you.
Union College Student Life Agreement

The college desires that students gain experience in making personal decisions based on Seventh-day Adventist principles of Christian living. By choosing to enroll at Union College, you are expressing a willingness to make decisions which are guided by the following principles:

  1. To maintain a lifestyle of moral purity.
  2. To practice honesty in all aspects of life.
  3. To respect the property, personal dignity, time and right to privacy of others.
  4. To dress modestly, appropriately, and with good taste.
  5. To actively participate in a lifestyle which includes personal devotions, group worship and service to others.
  6. To value and pursue a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, regular exercise and adequate rest. The use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs is not acceptable.
  7. To develop an appreciation for great art, music and literature.
  8. To seek truth and to recognize that the college views the Bible as life's ultimate guidebook.
  9. To treat others with graciousness, demonstrating tolerance for diversity.
  10. To maintain high standards of taste and decency in conduct, expression and citizenship.
  11. To help others fulfill their student life agreement.
Campus Security Statement
Consistent with the federal Campus Security Act, if you have answered "yes" to either question above, please upload a letter of explanation. Include in the letter your name and date(s) of incident(s). This form accepts files saved as .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, and .odf.