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Division of Humanities (402.486.2523)

Name Title Location Extensionsort ascending Email
Benjamin Tyner Benjamin Tyner Assistant Professor of History Dick Building 408-B 7186142684
Patricia Maxwell Photo of Patricia Maxwell Assistant Professor of Communication Dick Building 402.486.2523
Mark Robison Photo of Mark Robison Professor of English, Chair of Humanities Dick Building 409-D 2328
Chris Blake Photo of Chris Blake Associate Professor of English and Communication Dick Building 409-C 2327
Christopher Banks Photo of Christopher Banks Associate Professor of History Dick Building 408C 2326
Tanya R. Cochran Photo of Tanya Cochran Professor of English, Writing Program Administrator Dick Building 409-B 2325
George Gibson Picture of George Gibson Adjunct Professor of History and Economics Dick Building 408-A 2323
William Fitts Photo of Bill Fitts Professor of English Dick Building 408-F 2322
Tamara Seiler Photo of Tamara Seiler Humanities Office Manager Dick Building 409-E 2319
Peggy Wahlen Photo of Peggy Wahlen Associate Professor of English Dick Building 402-A 2090
Jill Morstad Photo of Jill Morstad Assessment Director, Adjunct Instructor of English Dick Building 411 2077
Brett Hadley Photo of Brett Hadley Associate Professor of Communications and Drama Dick Building