At the completion of Union College's nursing program, students will be prepared to:

  • Use Christian values as a foundation of professional practice standards to demonstrate accountable, patient-centered care, and servant leadership.
  • Demonstrate leadership in collaboration with the interprofessional team to design and manage patient-centered care.
  • Utilize current technological resources to manage information, mitigate error, foster effective communication, and support decision making in provision of safe, quality patient-centered care.  
  • Integrate best, current evidence with clinical judgment and patient preferences to provide safe, quality care across the lifespan in a variety of health care systems.  
  • Participate in quality improvement activities promoting individual performance and system effectiveness to achieve optimal patient outcomes.  
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and attitudes in preparation for lifelong learning required in a changing practice environment. 
  • Synthesize knowledge from liberal education and nursing courses to provide patient-centered care.  

Assessment results are available in the Office of the Division of Nursing and in the Office for Institutional Research.