Progression and Graduation

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Criteria for Progression in the Nursing Program

Students must comply with the following each semester:

  1. A cumulative college GPA and a nursing courses GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  2. Nursing courses are arranged in a progressive curriculum. Learning proceeds from the concrete and simple to the abstract and complex. It begins with conceptualization then moves to application and, finally, to integration. To facilitate student learning, the Division of Nursing has organized a progressive curriculum.
  3. A student may petition the sequence based on the Division of Nursing petition policy. See Academic Petition and corresponding form.
  4. A student accepted on academic probation (see statement on probation) must demonstrate academic improvement (GPA) after the first semester to be removed from probation.
  5. All nursing courses must be passed with a grade of “C” (76%) or higher in course theory (includes unit, final exams, and required ATI assessments). If the class has a clinical component, that portion must be passed, as well as the theory portion, with a grade of 76% and an overall course grade of 76% or higher. The course theory will account for at least 75% of the total grade with the comprehensive final contributing at least 20%.Two Nursing Graduates
  6. If a student fails the clinical portion of the course at any time during the semester, the course will be considered an attempt*. According to Union College policy, if the student fails clinical prior to the withdrawal date, the student may choose to withdraw from the course and receive a “W” on the transcript; this will be considered a course attempt and failure. If the student fails clinical after the Union College withdrawal date, the student will receive an “F” on the transcript. *A course is considered an attempt when the student continues in the course after the drop/add date as published in the Union College academic calendar.
  7. When a nursing course is failed, it may be retaken the following semester if clinical/class space is available.
  8. No one nursing course may be attempted more than twice to achieve a grade of "C" (2.0). A course is considered an attempt when the student continues in the course after the last day to drop/add a course as published in the Union College academic calendar. Students may petition the Admissions and Academic Evaluation Committee (AAEC) if extenuating circumstances exist.
  9. Students are allowed a maximum of two course failures and then must exit the Division of Nursing.
  10. Required prerequisites and cognate courses must be completed with a passing grade of “C” (2.0) to progress into/through the Nursing Program.
  11. A course audit involves classroom theory only; no tests, quizzes, paper, or clinicals are included. Registration to audit a class prior to the beginning of the course is not considered an attempt.
  12. Academic probation is allowed for a total of only two semesters; non-academic probation is allowed for a total of only two semesters.
  13. Health policy requirements (immunizations, annual TST, etc.) must be met and appropriate documentation to verify must be on file. See Immunizations.
  14. When a nursing faculty member or the Admissions and Academic Evaluation Committee (AAEC) refers a student to the Teaching Learning Center (TLC) for consultation, it is expected that the student will meet with TLC staff for an evaluation to be completed with any follow-up recommendations made during the semester the referral is made.
  15. Once a student is admitted to the Union College Division of Nursing, all nursing courses must be completed at Union College. 

Criteria for Graduation

The candidate for graduation from the Division of Nursing at Union College shall comply with the following:
Nursing Graduates

  • Meet all general college policies for graduation listed in the Union College Bulletin for the year the student entered Union College.
  • Meet Division of Nursing academic requirements for general education and nursing courses as specified in the Union College bulletin.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in all college level courses and an overall nursing GPA of 2.50.
  • Meet progression requirements as specified in the Nursing Student Handbook section on Progression.
  • If a student is on non-academic probation at the time of registering for the final semester in the Nursing Program, adequate evidence for removal of the probation status must be demonstrated during the final semester for the student to be eligible for graduation. (see statements on probation and termination).
  • Graduates must complete 65 hours of nursing courses.  

For more information, reference the Nursing Student Handbook.

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