RN to BSN Completion

Ready for a BSN?

Diploma and associate degree registered nurses (RNs) may progress in the baccalaureate nursing program on a part-time or full-time basis. Each applicant is individually evaluated for placement in the program as space is available. Tuition scholarships are given to eligible individuals licensed in Nebraska reducing the cost. Students are not generally eligible for other institutionally funded aid, scholarships, or discounts.

Specified prerequisites must be completed before acceptance into the nursing program and may be taken at Union College

Associate degree or Diploma RNs who have graduated from an accredited nursing program are eligible to receive 31 hours of credit for Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical, Maternal-Child, Mental Health, and Senior Seminar from their previous nursing education after successfully completing 9 semester hours of NURS courses at Union College.  Regardless of prior education or experience, NURS 305: Physical Assessments and NURS 311-312: Pathophysiology I & II must be completed at Union College.


Non-US educated RNs not licensed in the US must pass standardized exams* for Medical-Surgical, Maternal Child, and Mental Health and successfully validate their clinical performance in nursing courses to receive challenge credit for their previous nursing education.


The nursing program must be completed in 6 years. Thirty of the last 36 hours must be taken at Union College, and a total of 128 hours and 65 nursing credits are required for graduation.  Academic programs are developed with the assistance of a nursing faculty advisor.


To allow more flexibility in the program, instead of the 12 semester hours of religion and 4 semester hours of physical education activities that are CORE requirements for generic students, RNs in the BSN Completion Program are required to take only 6 hours of religion (RELT 141 or RELT 105 & RELT 305 or RELP 439) and 2 hours of physical education activity. However, the eight hour difference must be made up by taking electives to complete the 128 hours required for graduation.

*Fee paid by student