Why Union?

Why Union's Nursing Program?

Come to Union, and we'll be happy to tell you all about how wonderful our nursing program is. However, the best way for you to learn about Union's nursing program is to hear it from the graduates themselves. If you would like to be a part of the Division of Nursing at Union College, apply today.

Nursing honor graduates

"I loved the Union College Nursing Program because of the unique, caring atmosphere." ~Rachel Downey, '13

"My favorite part of the nursing program was the people.  By the end of school, we feel like such a family, not only to our fellow students but to our instructors, too." ~Allison Thomas, '13

"My favorite aspect of the nursing program at Union was the professors. It was obvious that they were passionate about nursing and helping others learn. They were there to help us all learn how to be better people and nurses. I am definitely proud to say I graduated from the nursing program at Union. They have a reputation for being great and producing great nurses! I felt that the nursing program was a step above the rest and that it made me a better person and a better leader. " ~Marla Hawronsky, '09

Nursing Graduates Praying

"I loved the Union College Nursing Program because it was very personal.  The instructors really get to know you and connect with you to individualize the learning experience.  They work with each student to ensure they achieve success." ~Misha Sisodia, '13

"I had a great experience at Union. In school, I can remember feeling so frustrated writing out my medication cards for clinicals, or trying to figure out how on earth an abnormal lab value related to my patient's diagnosis. But now I am so glad that I had to do that, because every day at work I need to know what the medications I am giving are for and what side effects I should look out for. I actually still make medication cards to review on my day off (nerdy, right?). At the end of my orientation at my job, my preceptor told me that she could tell I went to a good nursing school because I had such a good base of nursing knowledge, clinical skills, organization and confidence. So thank you, Union, for giving me a good foundation to build on. . . . Even at the end of a very long and crazy night of work, I can honestly say that I love my job." ~Lauren Clark, '10

"Union College provided me with an excellent education, giving me sound building blocks for starting my career. I loved the environment that has been fostered in the nursing program at Union. You will be challenged more than you can imagine, but the rewards will more than make up the difference." ~Jason Odenthal, '10


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