Why Union?

Why Union's Nursing Program?

Come to Union, and we'll be happy to tell you all about how wonderful our nursing program is. However, the best way for you to learn about Union's nursing program is to hear it from the graduates themselves. If you would like to be a part of the Division of Nursing at Union College, apply today.

Nursing honor graduates

"I loved the Union College Nursing Program because of the unique, caring atmosphere." ~Rachel Downey, '13

"My favorite part of the nursing program was the people.  By the end of school, we feel like such a family, not only to our fellow students but to our instructors, too." ~Allison Thomas, '13

"At Union, there is a religious aspect and that's what got me through because I was constantly reminded that God chose this path for me. Often, the best part of my day was worship or prayer in class because it reminded why I was in nursing school. The bottom line is that nursing school is hard and entering the real world is even harder. Union set the bar high and gave me more than basic knowledge and facts. The education I received is priceless. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose Union. I learned more than how to be a nurse - I learned how to be a professional - I learned about myself and I was given the drive to never stop learning. ~ Elizabeth Rodriguez, '15 

Nursing Graduates Praying

I loved the relationships that I had with my teachers in the nursing program. They were so accepting and willing to help me. We talked about more than just school; they were also there for me with life-related things. I was also able to participate in such a wide variety of experiences. I felt prepared when I graduated, and I knew I had the support of some of the most amazing nurses just a phone call away. When I graduated, I could feel that the faculty believed in me and that helped me believe in myself. ~Laura Britton, '14

After completing my first week in the Johns Hopkins nurse residency program, I am very proud to say that I am a Union College Nursing graduate. At Union, the faculty invest in students individually and teach the important content and skills that graduates need to be very prepared as we begin our nursing careers. As I compare myself to other new graduates in my residency program here at Hopkins, I humbly and proudly share that I have been thoroughly prepared to assume my role as a new graduate nurse. I know and understand that I still have a lot to learn as a new graduate, but I believe that Union College has prepared me and given me a great foundation that will help me succeed in my nursing career by God's grace. ~Dorinda Ackah '16

"Union College provided me with an excellent education, giving me sound building blocks for starting my career. I loved the environment that has been fostered in the nursing program at Union. You will be challenged more than you can imagine, but the rewards will more than make up the difference." ~Jason Odenthal, '10


Make the Union College Nursing Program part of your story!