We Were So Close

by Dan Rickard

Who are you guys? I don't know you, and I'm sure I've never seen you before. I guess I'll be alright as long as you stay over there and I stay here on my mom's lap.

What in the world are you all talking about? Mom do you know these people? How come they keep looking at me? If I didn't know better, I would begin to think you are talking about me all this time.

Mom, are you going to leave me here on this table with these strange people with those tubes growing out of their ears? Mom, I don't like this at all. (Cries) What are they doing to me? Are they trying to attach those tubes to me too? Now what are they doing? (Cries) Mom! Are you going to just stand there and let them stick that awful cold thing in my ears? Well, it's about time you rescued me from these terrible people. What! You are holding me down, Mom! Are you crazy? Hurry and pick me up before these people kill me.

Well, I guess that's over. I can't believe I came out of that one alive. Some friend you were, Mom. But thanks for holding me close and hugging me just the same. I hope I never see them again. That was a close one if you ask me.

Oh no, someone else is coming into the room. Mom, are you ready? We may have to make a run for it. Who knows what she will try. She does look pretty nice though. Just be on your guard though, okay Mom? Whatever you do, don't leave me on that table alone with her though, okay?

I don't believe this! Mom, what are you doing? Didn't you learn anything from last time? She's going to kill me for sure. Just look at all those sharp things she is holding. What in the world are HepB, DTaP, HIB, and IPV anyway? It surely doesn't sound like anything I want to be involved with. I've been perfect for six whole months--practically a lifetime. I'm sure those won't make my life any better. Mom you're holding me down again. I can't move! Ouch! Mom, she stuck me with that sharp thing! Aren't you going to do anything? Hit her Mom, fight back. I thought you would protect me in times like this.

Ouch again! Quit that! I can't believe this. Has the world come to an end? I know I've already lived six long months and should be satisfied, but somehow I think I would like to stick around a little longer yet.

There, she threw those two deadly weapons away. Maybe I will survive this day after all.

Mom, she's got two more! Help me! Oh no, this is the end. I know it. Mom, I used to think we were so close. I'll know never to count on you again. I guess I will probably never get the chance anyway.

So long.