PANCE 5-Year Performance Results

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Union College PA Program goals include:

1) Graduates will meet or exceed the national first-time taker pass rate on PANCE.

2) Graduates seeking employment will be employed within 6 months of graduation.

The Class of 2016 has met these goals.

Union College is committed to the goal of 100 percent first-time pass rates for all PA graduates; however, we may accept a student to the PA Program who may face academic challenges but also demonstrates the high potential of being an excellent clinician, typically based on maturity, life experience, and an overt commitment to health care.

While the PANCE scores are important to the evaluation of students and our program curriculum, we also provide the following comments from program surveys, which we believe provides a more complete picture of our program and graduates.

Comments from Preceptors - Class of 2016

  • Very conscientious student. Has a deeper appreciation of her future responsibilities than most students I work with. Respectful and kind, very refreshing attitude. Worked very hard this month on a busy rotation and should be commended on a job well done!
  • Is great with the patients, she does a thorough examination and presents to the providers what they are looking for. She understands the issues that face the patients we see and has learned how to overcome them through creative thinking and team work. She is an excellent representation of the Union College program.
  • 1) Eager to learn 2) Great patient interaction and ability to develop immediate rapport 3) Works well in a team environment and is well liked in our ER. 4) Strong foundation of medical knowledge. 5) Skilled at procedures such as suturing and intubations 6) Strong documentation/EMR
  • Large fund of knowledge, very personable with patients, a credit to her character and quality of her education.
  • Lovely PA student, excellent team play with other professional students in clinic, good enthusiasm for patient engagement, consistently sought follow-up with patients post care. Should be a real asset in the practice she goes to.
  • Motivated, intelligent, shows very good evidence of reading, pleasant, intuitive. She will be a very good PA. One of your best in the last 2-3 years.
  • Excellent worker. She is enthusiastic and enjoys learning. Her medical knowledge is excellent and she has done wonderfully with our difficult patients. She will be a good asset to her future employer.
  • This student has one of the best work ethics I have ever seen. She is always punctual and industrious. When given the opportunity to provide independent assessments and treatment plans, she did this with relative ease. This student will be an asset to the medical community. As a provider to be I feel she is into medicine for all the right reasons.
  • She is a very attentive student, follows instruction and learns quickly. She is well liked by everybody. She is an outstanding individual, she is hands down the best student in my 25 years as a PA. She will do well in her endeavors.
  • She is a very fun energetic young lady that doesn't get frustrated very easily. She is thorough with her exams, knows where to find what she needs or who to ask when she has questions. She is definitely another outstanding example of the quality program Union College has built.
  • Very comfortable working with patients, past experience as a paramedic gives him maturity in the clinical setting not usually seen at this point. He will do very well in whatever specialty he chooses to work in.
  • Doing great for her first rotation. Very prepared. Great personality and eager to help. Great representation of Union College PA Program.

"What are the strengths of the PA Program at Union College?"

(responses at graduation, Class of 2016)​

  • Christian teaching, strong relationships with faculty because of small class size.
  • Helpful and available faculty. Union PA program has good reputation among preceptors and facilities
  • Guest lectures who specialize in certain topics were great for my overall clinical understanding of different topics. The professors at Union are all caring, knowledgeable, and wonderful people.
  • The faculty have been very supportive. I like the smaller program because I felt like a valued student and not just a number. I also appreciated the spiritual atmosphere of the program.
  • The program feels like a family. Everyone is so supportive and really cares about your success.
  • Practical education with good insight into PANCE exam. Very supportive faculty.
  • Caring faculty, prepared well for rotations

"What do you consider to be the greatest strength of the Union College PA Program?"

(responses six months after graduation, Class of 2015)

  • That overall, program wants all students to be successful with completing program.
  • Facility and faculty and the caring environment
  • Sense of unity, support from faculty and peers, Christian based
  • Length of didactic phase and amount of hands on experience prior to beginning clinical phase
  • Professors who are committed to each individual's success
  • The wonderful close knit supportive environment for learning and excellent preceptors for rotations. Faculty are the best!
  • Faith based foundation, teachers who care.