To Apply to the PA Program

So, you've reviewed the program's vision and goals, admission requirements, prerequisites and selection factors, and you're ready to apply to the PA program? Great! You are welcome to contact us directly by email (paprog [at] or by phone (402.486.2527) if you have any questions. Many potential applicants do, and we're happy to visit with you.

If you are sure you're ready to apply, please use the national electronic service designed specifically for PA program applications. The Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) provides a single application that can be submitted to the applicant's selected PA programs across the country. To explore or initiate the online CASPA service, please go to

Applications are typically initiated after May 1st and must be completely verified by CASPA by October 1, 2017. Please allow CASPA a minimum of four weeks to process your application prior to the deadline.

PA program applications are processed at Union College after they are verified, and interviews will be granted in the fall.

If you have questions regarding the online application process, please contact CASPA directly at or call 617-612-2080.

If you have any difficulties in completing the application process, do not hesitate to contact us directly. Union College wants to be sure your application is processed efficiently.

Note that Union College does not require the GRE at this time, and a supplemental application is not required.

(The above information is only for master’s level students. If you need a bachelor’s degree, please go to PA Prospective Students.)