Why Union College?

Union College brings a 100-year history of excellence in the medical field to the PA Program. In an environment that offers the opportunity to master responsible health care, we carefully foster lifelong learning.

You will develop constructive, critical thinking and effective communication skills. But at Union, PA education moves beyond the academic. Union brings a commitment to living responsible, Christian lives, serving others with the compassion of Christ in humility, with competence. Our goal is to equip students to serve humanity through an academically strong, Christian education.

Why Union College?

Top ten reasons for choosing Union College's PA Program:

  1. Focus on the underserved
  2. Student selection based on more than GPA
  3. Small campus in a family-friendly community
  4. Faculty and staff each have a heart for Christ
  5. Close relationships between students
  6. Great rotation experiences
  7. Close-knit faculty and staff
  8. High faculty availability and approachability
  9. Small, family-oriented environment
  10. Concern from faculty and staff about students' health and well-being

There are even more reasons to attend Union College. Ask our students and see our student stories