International Evangelism

If you are interested in programs of evangelistic outreach, either as a sponsor or participant, please contact Elder Robert Fetrick at rofetrick [at] All donations for these mission trips are tax deductible.

Previous evangelistic crusades include:

Dr. Ed Allen led a group of six students to Sabah, Indonesia for evangelistic meetings (summer 2008).


 Dr. Tom Shepherd led a group of nine students to Borneo, Indonesia for evangelistic meetings (summer 2007).

Dr. John Kurlinski took a group of nine Union students to Guatemala with wonderful results in evangelistic outreach and in the lives of the students (summer 2006).

Dr. Tom Shepherd, along with Malcolm Gaskin, business division faculty, took a group of eleven Union students to Rwanda for Evangelistic meetings (summer 2005).



Elder Sylvester Case took a group of Union students to Uganda for more Evangelistic meetings. Hundreds of people were baptized (summer, 2004).

Elder Sieg Roeske took a group of Union students to Zimbabwe for evangelistic meetings in conjunction with Share Him Evangelism. Hundreds of people were baptized at the end of these meetings (summer, 2003).