Ministry Club

Kyle Smith, blue and green flannel, and a beard.


        The goal of Ministry Club is to create an avenue for students of all majors to become actively involved in ministry and to develop friendships with other students who have the same passion for serving others.

The Ministry Club is the club that focuses not only what you can get, but especially what you can give.

This club is directly connected with Campus Ministries, allowing Ministry Club to become part of some larger events on campus; connecting club members to events such as: vespers, Sabbath School, afterglow, etc.



  Ministry Club President, Kyle Smith


  • Door-to-door Outreach
  • Ministry trips to churches and academies
  • Laser Tag
  • Soup Supper at a professor’s house
  • Agape Feasts
  • Much, much more!

You can become a member by signing up at the Ministry Club table at fall registration or by talking to a faculty member in the religion division at any time.

2014-2015 Ministry Club T-shirt

President: Kyle Smith

Sponsor: Dr. Thomas Toews