Pre-Health Professional Club

Welcome to the Pre-Health Professional Club! We are here to get you in contact with professionals in the Medical, Pharmacutical and Dental fields. This club exists to bring in speakers from different fields to give you an idea of what it is like to work in their fields. For more information on how to join the Pre-Health Professional Club, email Shardae Sims at shardae.sims [at]

Officers 2015-16


Pre-Dent Rep.

Pre-Med Rep.

Photo of Shardae Sims  

Photo of Stella Park

Photo of Judy Jean

Shardae Sims

Stella Park

Judy Jean

Pre-PA Rep. 

Pre-Pharm Rep.

Pre-Vet Rep.

Photo of Arianna Shay

Photo of Maranatha Tago

Photo of Tori Severs

Arianna Shay

Maranatha Tago

Tori Severs