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Union's Mathematics Department looks forward to connecting with you. We have information and ideas to share. If you would like to find out more about the mathematics teachers here at Union College, simply click on the following names:

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Why should you study mathematics? Mathematics can be one of the most challenging of academic pursuits. If you enjoying solving mathematical puzzles and figuring out what adds up, a mathematics career could be for you. At Union College, we know that degrees are not one-size-fits-all. That's why we make it our goal to help you pursue the career that fits your unique passion. A degree in mathematics can lead to various career opportunities in law, medicine, technical disciplines and more. To view more career options, click here.

Our new 57,000 square foot facility helps ensure our math and science programs thrive. To see hours and more, click here.

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Our building includes:

  • A 126-seat amphitheater
  • Two configurable classrooms for lecture or team learning
  • Two combination biology lab/lecture spaces
  • Five dedicated biology teaching laboratories
  • Five chemistry teaching laboratories.
  • Two combination lab/lecture spaces for physics and engineering
  • One teaching laboratory for modern physics
  • Eight research labs for faculty and students to engage in personal research projects
  • Four student commons and study spaces
  • Fourteen faculty offices designed for teacher and student interactions such as advising and tutoring
  • Dedicated work areas for student assistants

Students graduating with a bachelor's degree in mathematics will be prepared to:

  • Exhibit competence in understanding and application of physics principles.
  • Connect knowledge about mathematics to other disciplines.
  • Think logically and analytically.
  • Solve a variety of problems using standard techniques.
  • Value mathematics through an understanding of its historical context
  • Value its application to societal needs
  • Pursue graduate studies

Science and Math Club


The Union College Mathematics Club is about more than just solving long equations or finishing lab write-ups. This club exists to provide fun opportunities for like-minded students on Union's campus. Throughout the school year, you can participate in fun events such as bowling or the annual camping trip.