Assessment Guidelines

This site is maintained as a resource for Union College faculty who want information about the various student learning assessment components at the college.

Course Assessment

Through the use of a standardized template, faculty assesses at least one course per school year. The success of course assessment is measured by how well students have learned the skills and knowledge which have been selected as the goals of the course. The success of cumulative course assessment is how well students have learned the skills and knowledge stated in the goals for the major. The evaluation of cumulative course assessment may result in changes in the goals for the major and/or changes in how the goals are addressed in specific courses.

Program Review

The academic program review ensures a high level of quality in all majors and is done on a five-year cycle.  It involves the study of all aspects of each academic program offered by faculty-led teams within the discipline. It also includes an internal as well as an external review by professionals within the discplines.

Divisional Assessment and Evaluation Reports

The yearly Divisional Assessment and Evaluation Reports serve as a tool for each division and its faculty to assess and evaluate the division and how well it has achieved in meeting its goals and objectives.

The process in writing this report involves all faculty in the division in gathering data, discussing the findings, making substantiated evaluations and finally recommendations for change in the division based on the division goals and objectives.

The report is submitted to the Student Learning Assessment Committee.  The division chair has a conference with the vice president of academic administration to discusss the report and recommendations.