Program Review

The purpose of the Program Review is to involve faculty and administration in continuous improvement of student learning, relevance of curriculum, effective pedagogy and to demonstrate how the department can move forward.

The program review process involves all faculty in a discipline and contributes to a current and competitive academic program. It is essential that the department make appropriate use of the results and evaluate implementations progress through yearly evaluation of both student learning outcomes and institutional research data. Program reviews are scheduled for all disciplines every five years on a rotating basis.

The following departments are included in the Program Review process:

All academic disciplines
LEAD@Union (general education)
Union Scholars program
Teaching Learning Center

The program review is documented in a self-study report which provides the basis for the review process. The guidelines and components of this self-study are outlined and described in a separate document along with a time line.

The components of the self-study are outlined in the Guidelines and Process below:

  • The Self-Study
  • External Review
  • Internal Review
  • Departmental Response to the review documents (If needed)
  • Administrative Response (Vice President of Academic Administration)

Resources during the Program Review process: