BASE Examination

BASE Examination

General Education Assessment for Institutional Excellence
Prepared at the University of Missouri, Assessment Resource Center

Notice Regarding Confidentiality

Your test scores and information you provide in the answer booklet are confidential. Score reports are released only to the institution where you are enrolled, or as required by state or federal law. Student test scores and summaries of test scores may be released for research purposes, but only after all individual identification data has been removed. Your personal privacy is maintained at all times.

Overview of College BASE

College BASE, a criterion-referenced academic achievement examination, evaluates knowledge and skills in English, mathematics, science, and social studies, usually after a student completes a college-level core curriculum. Developed to provide colleges with an accurate assessment of academic progress, College BASE emphasizes concepts and principles derived from course materials. This exam fills the gap between generalized aptitude tests used for college entrance and specialized department exams. As a broad-based achievement test, College BASE assesses basic and enduring knowledge in each of the four subject areas and provides performance rankings in higher order thinking skills (interpretive, strategic, and adaptive reasoning abilities).


The summary of performance results as a class will be available in the fall of 2010. Individual scores will be available through the College Office of Assessment in the fall of 2010.