Senior Record of Achievement

Congratulations! You are nearing the achievement of your goal. You have contributed a great deal to Union College by your participation and leadership. We would like to learn about some of your accomplishments and contributions to affirm our teachers in their work and to share with others what a great school Union is. To help us achieve this objective please complete and submit this Senior Record of Achievement form.

One of the honors potentially available to seniors is inclusion in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. If you wish to be considered for this honor, it facilitates your selection if your Senior Record of Achievement form is turned in to the Academic Administration office before October 30. Please complete it as soon as possible to allow us to consider all the wonderful things that you have done. Thank you for making Union College one of the best schools in the region.

Contact Information
Academic Achievements Beyond Grades
Please indicate your achievements in the following categories: Specific information helps, including years!
Describe briefly with whom you did the research, for what purpose, what the project was.
Indicate honor societies to which you belong. Does not include dean' list.
Give a citation for your article.
Please give a citation for the article.
Creative and Performance Achievements:
Describe or cite your work.
Name of performance/production and your role.
Name of group(s) and your role.
Title, type of work.
Title, name, what?
Leadership/Activity in Religious and Service Areas
Describe area and the role you played.
Where, doing what?
Describe what you have done in service to others.
Your leadership role, where and when you filled this role.
Student Leadership:
Your role in leadership of other students.
Name of committee, your position, and terms you served
Publication and role.
Your role in leadership and the years you filled that role.
Name of club and office.
Office and year
Work and Campus Life Leadership
Name of award, awarding body, what you were recognized for.
Describe your position, department, and the responsibilities you had.
Details of your placement and responsibilities.
Your place of employment, position, and responsibilities you undertook.
Sport(s), role(s), years of participation.
No form captures everything. Are there other ways in which you have made significant achievements while a student at Union College?