Frequently Asked Questions

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Button with link to eBooks on EBSCOhost.Questions about Downloading eBooks from EBSCOhost

How do I download an eBook?

Before you begin the first time, you will need to setup several things:

  • If you do not already have a free EBSCOhost accout, create one for yourself by clicking the "Sign In" link in the upper right hand corner of any EBSCOhost database.
  • To read eBooks on your desktop or laptop computer, install Adobe Digital Editions.  Adobe Digital Editions is available for free for both Mac and Windows.  Click here to download your copy.
  • For tablets and smartphones, you will need to install EBSCO's eBook App from the app store for your device.
  • Authorize all devices (computer, eBook reader, tablet, or mobile device) on which you plan to read the eBooks with your Adobe ID. You may set up an Adobe ID for free on the Adobe website.

Once setup is completed anytime you wish to download an eBook, follow these easy steps:

  • On a tablet or phone, open the EBSCO eBook app.
  • Select Union College in Nebraska as your default library (this preference can be saved).
  • Login into Linus (Union's proxy server) with your UC ID and password.
  • Select the book you want to read.
  • Once you have found the book you want, click "Download (Off-line)
  • Select a checkout period, and the click "Checkout and Download."
  • Downloading books to read off-line also requires logging into your free EBSCOhost account which can be created within any EBSCOhost database and used across the platform.


  • On a laptop or desktop, go to eBooks from EBSCOhost
  • Sign into your My EBSCOhost account and start searching for books.
  • Once you have found the book you want, click "Download (Off-line)"
  • Select a checkout period, and the click "Checkout and Download."
  • Downloading books to read off-line also requires logging into your free EBSCOhost account which can be created within any EBSCOhost database and used across the platform.

For more information about reading ebooks on a phone or tablet, visit EBSCO's eBook App page.

For more information about using  eBooks on a laptop or desktop computer, visit the eBook Support Center.  


Questions about Circulation Services

How many books can I check out at one time?

The library does not place a limit on how many items you have checked out.  However, keep in mind that the more items you have checked out, the harder it is to return  everything on time and avoid library fines.  It is wise to limit yourself to the number of items you truly need and can easily manage.

How long can I check books out for?

Regular library items listed as in the General Collection may be checked out for one month.  Items on course reserve have shorter loan periods which vary from one hour to one week.

Can I check out materials from the Heritage Room?

Items in the Heritage Room collection may be used in the library only.  See the Heritage Room webpage for more information.

What collection materials cannot be checked out?

The following types of items cannot be taken out of the library:
reference books
Heritage Room items
Also keep in mind that 1-hour course reserve items, while checked out, still may not be taken out of the library.

How can I renew a book?

Books and other library materials can be renewed once by making a request in person at the library's front desk or by logging into your library account. You can log in to your account through the Library Catalog. The login is in the upper righthand corner of the library catalog. This first renewal does not require you to bring the item back to the library.  For additional renewals you do need to bring the item back to the library.  An item with a hold placed on it will not be renewed.    

Can I put a book on hold?

Books or other library materials which are currently checked out by someone else may be placed on hold for you.  To place a hold, make a request at the library's front desk or log in to the Library Catalog.

How do I log in to the library catalog?

Request your username and password from the public services librarian. Go to the Library Catalog and click "Sign In" beside the label "Your Library Account". You will be prompted to enter your username and password.  Once logged in you can place holds on items currently checked out, renew items you have already checked out, update your contact information, and change your password. 

What does the library charge for overdue fines?


Regular items 50¢ per day ($10 maximum per item)
Hourly reserve items 25¢ per hour ($10 maximum per item)
Daily reserve items 50¢ per day ($10 maximum per item)
Recalled items $1 per day ($10 maximum per item)
Lost items Cost of item plus $40 processing fee (minimum $40.00)


How can I return books to the library?

When the library is open, please bring books and videos to the front desk and drop them through the return slot.  When the library is closed, items may be returned using the outdoor drop box by the west entrance to the Don Love Building.

How long can reserve items be checked out for?

Reserve materials may be checked out of for the length of time specified by the professor, ranging from 1 hour to 1 week.  For more information, see the Course Reserves Policy.

Can I check out multimedia materials such as DVDs and videotapes?

Multimedia materials may be checked out for one month as long as they have not been placed on reserve by a professor.


Questions about Finding Books and Periodicals

How can I find out if a certain book is available?

Search the Library Catalog to find out what Union College Library owns.  To see if an item is available, click "Details" and check the location status under "Holdings." A physical location designation indicates the item is available.  If the item is checked out, the location will read "checked out." 

Can Union College students check out books from other libraries?

Union College participates in a state-wide reciprocal borrowers program with other Nebraska college and university libraries.  To receive services and borrowing privileges from these other libraries, take your Union College student I.D. card with you when visiting them.  Lincoln City Public Libraries will also loan to Union College students using Union College student I.D. cards to establish eligibility. 

How does interlibrary loan work?

You may ask the library to borrow books and obtain copies of periodical articles from other libraries for you. You may do this by clicking on the interlibrary loan link in each individual record in any EBSCOhost or OCLC FirstSearch database.  You will be notified when your requested items arrive.  Books must be picked up and returned in a timely manner.  Articles usually arrive in an electronic format and will be emailed to you.  Allow 7-10 days for arrival.  Ask a library staff member for further assistance or see the interlibrary loan policy and procedure for more information. 

How do I locate a book which has been put on reserve by a professor?

Lists of items on reserve are available in print at the library's front desk or online in the Library Catalog. To view the lists online, go to the catalog and click "Search" in the upper lefthand corner. Then click on "Course Reserves".  You may search by course name or reserve item title.

How do I find a specific book using the call number in the library catalog?

Union College Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification system which organizes books into ten major categories expressed by numbers.  Books are shelved in numerical order according this number.  In addition to the Dewey number, Cutter numbers (which include letters and numbers) are used to represent the author's name and/or the title of the book, providing a call number which expresses a book's particular place on a shelf.  However, call numbers can be repeated in different collections throughout the library, so you should also pay attention to the location listed in the library catalog. For instance, the library may own two copies of a book with one shelved in the Heritage Room and one in the general circulating collection.  The call numbers will be the same, but the location will be different.  In order to help you identify books with different locations, call numbers may include a prefix letter, such as R (for the Reference collection) or G (for the Heritage Room). Please ask for help at the circulation desk if you have any difficulty locating items. 


Questions about Reference Services

Where do I sign up for the Research Assistance Program?

Print out the RAP form and fill out as much information as you can.  Then email or call one of the librarians listed on the form and schedule an appointment.  The librarian will ask you to send her the completed form prior to your scheduled appointment.  Providing the librarian with this information ahead of time helps her be better prepared for your appointment. 

What are subject research guides?

Subject research guides are webpages which provide links to databases and websites which may be useful for research in a specific discipline or subject area.  Some subject guides may provide additional information and research tips for specific classes at Union College.

How do I cite a book in MLA, APA, or Chicago (Turabian) format?

Citation guides for the MLA and APA writing styles may be found in Moodle under the library's Information Literacy and Library Research tutorial.  Look for the section "Honest Conversations: Using Information Ethically and Legally". The library also keeps the style guides for each of these formats in the reference collection.

What is the preferred Citation Manager to use at Union College?

Zotero is the preferred citation manager. To learn more about Zotero you may view this tutorial.


Questions about Online Databases

How do I log on to the online databases from off-campus?

When you click on a library database link from an off-campus computer, a login screen for the Union College proxy server, Linus, will appear. Enter your UC ID and password (for faculty use your Marcie username and password). Click "login" and you will be redirected to the database you selected. Off-campus database access is not available for guests.

The proxy server doesn't seem to be working. Is there another way I can access databases from off campus?

Several databases can be searched through WorldCat Local without being logged on to the campus network; however, you will still need to login to the proxy server in order to access fulltext content.

EBSCOhost databases may also be logged into with your Union College ID card barcode (the five digit alpha-numeric number on the back of your ID card) at this link.

How do I install the EBSCOhost Mobile app on my Apple or Android device?

Follow this link to an online tutorial that will show you how to install the app on your device.


Questions about Google Scholar

How do I get links to Union College Library's fulltext content to appear in Google Scholar?

When using a computer on the Union College network, Google Scholar will automatically recognize your location based on the IP address. When searching Google Scholar, you will see "FindArticle@UnionCollege" next to each article which the library's link resolver indicates is full text in one of our databases, or in print on the shelf in the library.

If you are off campus, you can set Union College to be one of your library links in Google Scholar and "FindArticle@UnionCollege" will also show up next to articles in our collection when you search Google Scholar while logged into your Google account. To set this preference follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google account, or create one if you don't already have an account.
  2. Go to Google Scholar.
  3. In Google Scholar, click on "Settings."
  4. In the Google Scholar Settings page, click on "Library Links."
  5. Search for "Union College - FindArticle@UnionCollege" - Any other Union College is not us.  
  6. Click the check box next to "Union College - FindArticle@UnionCollege."
  7. Click "Save."

General Information

What are the library's hours?

See the library's hours page for up-to-date information about the library's hours.

Is there a phone in the library that I can use?

The library has one public phone for on-campus calls only.  A payphone on the lower level of the atrium may be used for off-campus calls.

Is there a photocopy machine that I can use?

The library has one photocopier for public use.  Copies are 5 cents each and individuals may purchase these by cash only.  Please ask a library staff member to show you how to use the machine.

Does the library offer laminating services?

The library offers laminating for 70 cents per foot (width is 24 inches).  Please call ahead so that library staff can have the machine warmed up by the time you arrive. 

Can I watch DVDs and videotapes in the library?

DVDs and videotapes required for classes may be viewed in seminar rooms 106 and 108.  Please leave your I.D. card at the front desk and ask a library staff member to unlock the door for you. 

Can I bring food and beverages into the library?

Beverages are allowed in the library as long as they are in closed containers with good lids. No food or beverages are allowed in the Heritage Room.  Food is not permitted in the public areas of the library unless you have special permission.  Permission is given for special college-sponsored events only and must be obtained from the library director.

Is there wi-fi in the library?

The library is included the campus wireless network.  Please contact Information Systems for more information. 

Can I use the computers in the library?

Computers for student use are located in the Reference area at the top of the stairs which may be used for word processing, email, and other academic uses, as well as library research. There is also a single computer at the bottom of the stairs in the general stacks area for research only.

Can I listen to music in the library if I use my headphones?

Library staff seek to maintain the library as a quiet study area.  You may listen to music using your headphones.  Please help us keep the library a quiet and comfortable place for everyone to study by being observant and respectful of the students around you.  If your activity is disturbing other people near you, please stop what you are doing or find a more appropriate place for your activity.

Where is the Writing Studio?

The Studio for Writing and Speaking (the Writing Studio) is located downstairs in room 116 of the library.

What are the Writing Studio's hours?

The Writing Studio is open evening hours during the semester.  Specific hours may vary from semester to semester depending on consultants' schedules.  See The Studio for Writing and Speaking on Moodle (listed under the Library heading) for current hours.