Heritage Room

The purpose of the Lora McMahon King Heritage Room is to acquire, preserve, and make available for use items related to the history of Union College, College View Church, the College View community, and Seventh-day Adventism with emphasis on the Mid-America Union. This collection includes books, periodicals, audiovisual materials, photographs, Union College archives, personal papers, and artifacts.  Heritage Room services are available to Union College students and employees as well as alumni and the general public.

Locating Heritage Room Resources

Link to WorldCat Discovery library catalog. Periodicals, books, and other published material may be searched for in the Library Catalog.  Cataloged items in the Heritage Room have call numbers beginning with the prefix G and a location designation of Heritage.
Artifacts Registers of three-dimensional artifacts which have been processed into the Heritage Room collections.
Institutional & Archival Collections Registers for collections of material from Adventist institutions primarily in the Mid America Union (including former Central and Northern Unions), entities of local College View, Nebraska, and Union College material not included in official institutional records.

Personal & Family Manuscript Collections

Registers for collections of personal and family papers gifted to Union College which have been processed.
Union College Heritage Collections With an emphasis on photographs, the Union College Heritage Collections database also includes a small number of textual items. Many photographs are not yet available online. Please contact the Heritage Room staff if you cannot find what you are looking for.
Link to Nebraska Memories website. A collaborative project of the Nebraska Library Commission, Nebraska Memories includes 107 photographs from Union College. Many photographs are not yet available online. Please contact the Heritage Room staff if you cannot find what you are looking for.
Picture of Educational Messenger magazine cover. The Educational Messenger was Union College's student publication from 1905 to 1926. It is made available online through the Adventist Digital Library.
Picture of the old Clock Tower newspaper mast head. Union College's current student newspaper,the Clocktower, began publication in Feburary 1927. The online archive currently includes all issues from February 1927 through April 2010.
Union College logo with link to request form for access to institutional records.Institutional Records Union College institutional archives may be used only with the permission of the office from which the documents originated.  The Retrieval Request form is used to facilitate requests.  Please contact the Heritage Room librarian for information about policies and procedures relating to the use of institutional archives.







Using the Heritage Room

The Heritage Room collections are housed in a closed stacks area.  Generally, cataloged items such as books, periodicals, and other published items may be retrieved for researchers by any library staff member during regular library hours.  Photographs, manuscripts, and other archival materials are available by appointment with the Heritage Room librarian (currently the library director).  All researchers will be asked to abide by the Heritage Room and Collection Usage Policy and to complete the Patron Sign-in and Log Sheet each time they visit.


Obtaining Document Copies

Please consult with a library staff member prior to photocopying Heritage Room items.  Some material is very fragile and can be irrepairably damaged by photocopying.  If an item is deemed too fragile for photocopying, researchers may complete a Request for Duplication Form and Heritage Room staff will determine the best method for making copies.  To request copies of photographs, please use the Visual Image Order Form.


Institutional Archives

The information on this page is intended to assist Union College staff and faculty in managing and organizing old records in preparation for deposit in the Heritage Room.  Prior to beginning any archival project, please consult with the Heritage Room librarian.




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