One Book One Union 2010-2011

Picture of book cover.

 Pick up a copy, read it over the holidays, and join the discussions second semester!

What is One Book One Union?

It is a program designed to encourage campus-wide discussion around thought-provoking topics.

What is The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read about?

This is the true story of how a high school instructor triumphed over his illiteracy, how a smart kid slipped through the system and became a part of it. It chronicles the clever tactics and schemes of deception Corcoran used to survive in a world of literates.

Why this book?

The No More Thumbprints campaign made our campus aware of the consequences of illiteracy. Now learn more about what illiteracy is and how to change it.

Where can I find more information about One Book One Union?

You can visit the Union College Library Facebook page for updates on this event. Information about book discussion is also available on the library's Events calendar. And be sure to look for posters around campus!

Where can I find the book?

The book can be purchased in the Campus Store or checked out from the Library on a one week course reserve.

Where can I find more information about John Corcoran?

Visit the John Corcoran Foundation website.  Education majors may also be interested in reading Corcoran's second book, The Bridge to Literacy.

Sponsored by:

Union College Library, Teaching Learning Center, Studio for Writing and Speaking, Career Center, ESL, & Campus Store