Accessibility Policy

Entering/Exiting the Library: The library's entrance is located on the upper level on the south side of the atrium in the Don Love Building.  The east entrance to the atrium has both exterior steps and a ramp to access the doors.  The west entrance is both step and ramp-free.  The upper level may be reached  from either entrance by using the elevator at the west end of the atrium.

Elevator: Within the library, an elevator located in the northeast area of the library provides access to all areas of the library.


Adaptive Technology:  For Union College students who are visually impaired, JAWS screen reading software is available at computer station 5 in the library's Computer Room.  


Other assistance: If you require any other assistance in using the Library, please contact the Public Services Librarian.  Prior arrangements made by calling 402-486-2514 will result in the most effective assistance.


Approved 2/10/2010