Heritage Room & Collection Usage Policy

The purpose of the Heritage Room is to acquire, preserve, and make available for use items related to the history of Union College,College View Church, the College View community, and Seventh-day Adventism with emphasis on the Mid America Union in order to facilitate the study of and appreciation for these entities.  For SDA materials related to other regions and/or denominational institutions, please visit our Seventh-day Adventist online research guide.  Libraries at Andrews University and Loma Linda University are both comprehensive SDA archival repositories and provide limited services via mail, email, and phone.


Items from the Heritage Room may be requested at the Information/Circulation Desk at any time during regular library hours. The Heritage Reading Room is open limited hours as posted.

Using the Union College Heritage Collection

  1. Many items from this collection are described in the Union College Library Catalog.  Please ask a librarian for assistance if:
    • you are unable to find what you need by searching the Online Catalog.
    • you need items which you think we may have or are definitely aware that we do have in our collection which are not included in the Online Catalog.
  2. When you have located the call number for an item needed from the Heritage collection stacks, please ask a library employee to retrieve the item for you using the Heritage Room Log Sheet.
  3. Patrons are allowed in the Heritage Reading Room only.
  4. No more then three items at one time will be retrieved from the Heritage Room stacks for an individual.
  5. All Heritage Room items must be used under the supervision of library staff.  If staff are available in the Heritage Reading Room, you will be expected to remain there.  Otherwise expect to work at a table near the Information/Circulation Desk.
  6. Use pencil only for taking notes while handling Heritage Room materials.  Pencils may be requested at the Information/Circulation Desk.
  7. Do not photocopy material without a librarian's permission.  Many items are fragile and photocopying may cause irrepairable damage.  Union College reserves the right to deny photocopying privileges if it is deemed too dangerous for the item in question. Alternate methods of duplication may be considered based on need.
  8. Requests for photocopies (including microfiche and microfilm prints) via mail, email, phone or other long-distance communication will be billed at 25¢ per page plus postage.  Normal photocopier and printing costs apply to on-site visitors.
  9. No drink is allowed in the Heritage Reading Room or in the vicinity of Heritage materials when used outside of the reading room.  No food is allowed in the library.
  10. Audio-visual materials may be used only in library viewing rooms.
  11. Requests for scanning photographs must be made using the Visual Image Order and Use Agreement Form.
  12. Requests regarding the use of artifacts must be directed to the Heritage Room librarian and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.