Reference Shelf

For subject specific reference books see:
Gale Virtual Reference Library (UC students and personnel only)
Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection (UC students and personnel only)
Credo Reference - formerly Xrefer Plus (UC students and personnel only)


Information Please


900 Famous Nebraskans
Who's Who in the Classical World (UC students and personnel only)


Value Line Investment Survey (UC students and personnel only)

Consumer Guides & Information

Household Products Database (National Institute of Health)
Internet Scambusters
Project Vote Smart


Acronym Finder
Behind the Name: Etymology and the History of First Names
Merriam-Webster Online
New Oxford American Dictionary (UC students and personnel only)
Oxford Dictionary of English (UC students and personnel only)
Oxford English Dictionary (UC students and personnel only)
Oxford Paperback Thesaurus (UC students and personnel only)
Terminology Collection


Anywho: Directory Assistance
Ne211: An Online Resource for Locating Help in Nebraska
United States Postal Service Zip Code Lookup


Encyclopaedia Britannica (UC students and personnel only)
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (UC students and personnel only)

Government Documents & Information

Code of Federal Regulations
EUROPA - Gateway to the European Union
Federal Register The U. S. Government's Official Web Portal
Government Gazettes Online (international government information)
GPO Monthly Catalog (OCLC FirstSearch - UC students and personnel only)
Guide to Nebraska State Agencies
Nebraska Public Documents
Project Vote Smart
Thomas: Legislatiave Information on the Internet
U.S. Code

Legal Information

Legal Information Reference Center

Maps & Atlases

Atlas of Canada
Nebraska Gap Analysis Program
NebraskaView: Data & Maps

Publisher Information

Books in Print (UC students and faculty only)
Journal Abbreviation Sources


Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Scientific Tables

International Critical Tables of Numerical Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology (UC students and personnel only)
Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables (UC students and personnel only)
Knovel Critical Tables (UC students and personnel only)
PubChem (National Library of Medicine)
Smithsonian Physical Tables (9th Revised Edition) (UC students and personnel only)


Bureau of Labor Statistics
County and City Data Book
Easy Stats (local community data compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau) Earth Resource System
National Center for Charitable Statistics
National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Health Statistics
Population Reference Bureau
State of the Cities Data Systems (HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research)
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Statistical Resources on the Web
United Nations Statistics Division
USA Counties
U. S. Census Bureau

For public opinion polls see: Communication: Journalism Subject Research Guide.

Style Manuals

HealthLinks: AMA Style Guide
Associated Press Stylebook
APA Style Tips
Chicago Manual of Style Q & A
MLA Style