Grade reports are issued at midterm and at the end of each semester. The midterm grade is a progress grade; only the final grade at the end of the semester is recorded on the official transcript.

Grade Definitions

A The student demonstrated an excellent mastery of the material and met course objectives in an excellent manner.
B The student demonstrated a commendable mastery of the material and met course objectives in a commendable manner.
C The student demonstrated a satisfactory mastery of the material and met course objectives in a satisfactory manner. A grade of C- or below may not apply for a course in a major, minor, contextual or professional education.
D The student has not demonstrated a satisfactory mastery, but met course objectives in a minimal manner.
F The student failed to master the material or meet course objectives.
FA The student ceased attending the class and did not master the course objectives.


Grade Grade Points Grade Grade Points
A 4.00 C 2.00
A- 3.67 C- 1.67
B+ 3.33 D+ 1.33
B 3.00 D 1.00
B- 2.67 D- .67
C+ 2.33 F/FA .00

Dean's Lists

Students who complete a minimum of 12 hours during the semester are recognized for academic performance in the following categories:

Recognition GPA Range
Dean's Distinguished List  3.90 - 4.00
Dean's List 3.75 - 3.89

Students with designations or grades of I, NC, or below C- are not included. Students with IP designations may be included if they have completed an additional 12 or more hours in the semester.

Academic Probation

Students are placed on academic probation whose

  • cumulative GPA is below 2.00, or

  • most recent semester GPA fell below 1.67, or

  • semester GPA fell below 2.00 and who completed less than 75 percent of graded credits.

To assist students in improving scholastic performance, students on academic probation are required to

  • limit their class load to a maximum of 12hrs;

  • sign an Academic Success Advising Program (ASAP) agreement that will be monitored by the Teaching Learning Center;

  • pay an additional fee for ASAP;

  • renegotiate financial agreements in case of loss of financial aid.

Students on academic probation may be given up to two consecutive semesters to clear their probationary status at which time they will be cleared from probation or placed on academic suspension.

Academic Suspension

A student may be suspended from the college, with possibility of appeal, after the GPA falls below 2.00 for two consecutive semesters, or if the cumulative GPA falls below the level indicated:

Academic Year When GPA is Below
Freshman 1.50
Sophomore 1.65
Junior 1.80
Senior 1.98

A student may be suspended after a semester with a current GPA of less that 1.00.

Students who have been suspended for academic reasons may request re-admittance to regular academic programs upon presentation of one of the following:

  • 6 semester hours of college-level study with a "B" (3.00) average or above taken at another regionally accredited institution or in summer sessions at Union College;
  • other convincing evidence of preparation to do acceptable academic work.

Other Designations:

AU Audit
CR Passing (C or better) in a credit/no credit course or student option
NC Failing in a credit/no credit course or student option
W Withdrawl before the deadline to drop classes
I Incomplete (See below)
IP In Progress (See below)
NR No report from the instructor at the time the grades were processed
RP Repeat