Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Bachelor’s degrees are conferred upon students who have:

  • completed successfully at least 128 semester hours, with at least 40 hours at the 300-level or above;
  • fulfilled the specific requirements of a major described in the division sections of this bulletin (general studies and personalized programs may have more individualized requirements);
  • earned a minimum of C (2.00) for all major and contextual courses;
  • achieved a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00, or higher as required by the individual major;
  • completed the general education program, LEAD@Union, appropriate to the degree;
  • met the residency requirements, including those for the major and any minors (see below);
  • participated in the assessment program as requested;
  • applied for graduation preferably by the end of their junior year giving the proposed schedule for the senior year;
  • provided all official transcripts and completed courses designated I or IP address.

Second Degrees

Graduates of accredited institutions may earn baccalaureate degrees from Union College by fulfilling all major requirements for the second degree and successfully completing a minimum of 30 hours in residence with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (or higher if stipulated by the major). Students with an international bachelor’s degree must complete the Union College general education requirements.

Multiple Majors

Students may complete multiple majors if they are offered for the same degree.  When different degrees are involved, both degrees will be awarded.

Academic Minors

Completion of an academic minor is not required unless a specific major requires an accompanying minor. One or more minors may be elected from the minors outlined in this bulletin. At least three semester hours of the required courses numbered at the 300 level or above must be taken in residence. A minimum grade of C (2.00) is required for all minor courses.

General Studies Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree in general studies allows students to develop academic skills in several areas of study not formally listed as a major. The general studies program focuses on a specific theme within general academic areas. All the graduation requirements for a baccalaureate degrees outlined above must be met. Because a bachelor’s degree in general studies does not include a recognized major, Union College does not extend the Guaranteed Education option to students who graduate under this program.

A minimum of 24 semester hours must be in one academic division and 12 semester hours each from two other academic divisions. A minimum of 15 semester hours numbered at the 300 or 400 levels are required. Courses can not meet requirements for both general studies and LEAD requirements.

Personalized Degree Program

The personalized program offers students the opportunity to design and fulfill a unique program of study that achieves individual educational goals. It is intended for a student who, in consultation with an advisor, wishes to design a personalized major. An individually designed program may prepare for employment or further study.  However, the program carries no endorsement or recommendation for such results by the college. Union College does not extend the Guaranteed Education option to students who graduate under this program.

The student should present a proposed curriculum no later than the first semester of the junior year.  This proposal must be approved by the Academic Council.

Requirements for a bachelor’s degree in this program are the same as for a regular degree with the exception of some possible variation of the general education requirements. In some cases the program may require courses offered on other campuses for which the student is financially responsible. The residency requirement is that 64 hours of this degree must be taken at Union College.

Requirements for an Associate of Arts degree include completion of a minimum of 15 semester hours in an area as specified by the academic division.

Post-Baccalaureate Professional Program

On occasion, Union College students may be accepted into professional programs such as medicine, dentistry or law before completing a bachelor’s degree. Union College will confer the appropriate bachelor’s degree upon those who have

  • applied for a Union College degree within two years after successfully completing the first-year of a post-baccalaureate professional program;
  • completed the general education requirements as outlined in this bulletin;
  • a minimum of 92 semester hours of college-level courses, including ten or more hours of 300-400 level;
  • a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00;
  • met the residency requirement at Union College prior to entering the post-baccalaureate program of the professional school;
  • certification from the professional school that the applicant has successfully completed the first year of the professional program and is eligible to continue.