Academic Registration

Returning students and incoming students are encouraged to reserve courses during the preregistration periods designated in the college calendar. However, registration must be completed during the registration period. After the end of the second day of classes, course reservations are canceled for students who have not initiated registration or made other arrangements.


Students are expected to register during the scheduled registration periods designated in the college calendar. Students are officially registered when all procedures have been completed and forms returned to the Records Office.

Late Registration

Tuition charges begin on the first day of classes. A late fee will be applied to those beginning or completing registration after the first day of classes. Late registrants may need to register for a reduced course load and will be required to make up work. Registration is allowed only during the first six days of a semester or two days of a summer course.

Changes in Registration

Students may add courses already in progress or delete course from their schedule during the first six days of classes only. After this period the students' permanent academic records are established. Changes in registration during summer school can be made through the end of the second day of classes without affecting the students' permanent records. Students considering changing courses should attend the new course as soon as possible.

Courses may be dropped up to five days following the distribution of midterm grades and will show a designation of W for withdrawal. After that date, courses may not be dropped and letter grades will be assigned. Withdrawal deadlines vary for courses that do not meet for a full semester, and are set by the Records Office.

Auditing Courses
Students may register to audit a course on a space-available basis by permission of the instructor and the division chair. Certain courses may not be audited. No credit is given for courses audited, and the tuition is reduced. Those wishing to change from credit to audit, or audit to credit, must do so during the first ten days of classes each semester or the first two days of summer sessions. 

Course Cancellation
While every attempt is made to provide classes as scheduled, the college reserves the right to cancel any course as it deems necessary. This may include cases of insufficient enrollment.

Transfer Credits
A student transferring from another regionally accredited college or university may receive credit for course work completed, subject to the following conditions.

  • an official transcript must be received directly from the other institution;
  • credits must have a grade of "C-" (1.67) or above;
  • remedial, developmental, basic skills or technical courses are not transferable;
  • transfer credits from two-year institutions are limited (see Residency in Graduation Requirements).

When transfer courses are not clearly comparable to Union College requirements, substitution of transfer credits for general education, major, contextual, or minor courses must receive the approval of the appropriate division chair. The student is expected to provide evidence such as course descriptions or syllabus.

Course Transfers from Unaccredited Institutions
While courses from unnacredited institutions do not generally transfer, on occasioon credits may be transfered if validated by the division chairs of both the discipline and the student's major. It is the student's responsibility to file academic petition forms in the Records Office documenting this validation. Credit is not granted for non-college sponsored instructions or experiential learning.