Credit by Examination

Three types of examinations are available for credit. Whether credit will be granted is based on the student's performance level, and may not exceed credit granted for similar classes offered at Union College. Credit will not be given if a student has taken the course or enrolled in the course beyond the first week of the semester, nor if the student has taken a more advanced course in the same subject with or without credit. Exams may be taken only once.

Applications for CLEP and Proficiency Examinations are available in the Records Office.

ACT Testing

The ACT test required for entrance will be given in conjunction with registration. This residual ACT testing is available for those who do not have test scores on file at Union College or for those who wish to retake the test.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Union College grants credit for CLEP subject exams as recommended by the Commission on the Educational Credit of the American Council on Education. Requests for CLEP tests should be directed to the Career Center. A recording fee is sharged for credits earned on CLEP examinations.
  • Prior to taking any CLEP examinations, permission must be obtained from the director of records.
  • CLEP examinations are not available for students after the completion of 56 hours of college credit.
  • Credit by CLEP examinations is not available for College Writing I and II.
  • Credit by CLEP is not available for the general tests in Humanities, Social Sciences, and History, or Natural Sciences.
  • While a satisfactory score on an approved CLEP examination provides college credit, CLEP credits will not necessarily satisfy requirements for a major or minor, and the student seeking to use CLEP credit for a major or minor should obtain program approval before taking the test.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Advanced Placement (AP) credit may be granted to students who have passed the College Board AP Examinations with a score of 4 or higher. Language and Composition will substitute for College Writing I. Literature and Composition will substitute for literature. No AP course may substitute for College Writing II.