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Union offers bachelor's (four-year) and associate's (two-year) degrees as well as a Master of Physician Assistant Studies.

Students choose from a variety of academic routes with more than 50 majors, emphases and minors in 27 fields of study or fulfill individual educational goals with a personalized degree.

Other academic opportunities include international studies through Adventist Colleges Abroad and the Union Scholars honors program.

To learn more about studying at Union, visit the pages of Union's eight academic divisions by clicking on the images below. To see degree completion guides for each major or emphasis, click on the degree links (e.g. "Odd or Even") below.

Business and Computer Science

Accounting (A.S.) Guide
Business Administration (A.S.) Guide
Business Administration:
  • Accounting (B.S.) Guide
  • Finance (B.S.) Guide
  • Management (B.S.) Guide
  • Marketing (B.S.) Guide
  • Science (B.S.) Guide
  • Small Business Management (B.S.) Guide
Computing (A.S.) Guide
  • Computer Information Systems (B.S.) Guide
  • Computer Science (B.S.)  Guide
  • Networking (B.S.) Guide
  • Web Development (B.S) Guide

See also:
Business, Marketing and Information Technology (B.S.) (secondary endorsement)
Health and Human Performance: Business/Sport Management (B.S.) Odd | Even

Emergency Management and Exercise Science

Health and Human Performance
Exercise Science (B.S.) Odd | Even 
Fitness & Wellness (B.S.) Odd | Even 
Business/Sport Management (B.S.) Odd | Even  

Related Programs:
Physical Education (B.S.) Odd | Even  
Pre-Allied Health (A.S.) Odd | Even 
International Rescue and Relief
Emergency Services (A.S.) Guide
Health Care Leadership: Nursing/IRR Dual Major (B.S) Guide
International Rescue and Relief (B.S.) Guide
  • Firefighter (B.S.) Guide
  • Paramedic (B.S.) Guide
  • Pre-Medical (B.S.) Guide
  • Pre-Physician Assistant (B.S) Guide
  • Pre-Physical Therapy (B.S.) Guide
  • Law Enforcement Guide

Fine Arts

Music (B.A.) Odd | Even
Music Education: Music Pedagogy (A.S.) Guide
Music Performance
  • Instrumental/Keyboard (B. Music) Odd | Even
  • Vocal (B. Music) Odd | Even
Visual Arts
Art (B.S.) Odd | Even
Art Education K-12 Guide
Graphic Design Studio Art (B.A.) Odd | Even

Human Development

Art K-12 (B.S.) Guide
Biology (B.S.) Guide
Chemistry (B.S.) Guide
Elementary (B.S.) Guide
English (B.S.) Guide
History (B.S.) Guide
Language Arts (B.S.) Guide
Math (B.S.) Guide
Music Natural Science
  • Biology (B.S.) Guide
  • Chemistry (B.S.) Guide
  • Physics (B.S.) Guide

Physics (B.S.) Guide

Physical Education (B.S.) Odd | Even

Religious (B.S.) Odd | Even
Social Science (B.S.) Guide

Psychology (B.S.) Guide
Social Work
Social Work (B.S.W) Guide
See also:
Pastoral Care (B.A.) Odd | Even


  • Fundraising and Philanthropy (B.A.)  Odd | Even
  • Public Relations (B.A.) Odd | Even
  • Emerging Media (B.A.) Odd | Even

English Education (B.S.) Guide
  • Literature (B.A.) Odd | Even
  • Writing and Speaking (B.A.) Odd | Even
Language Arts Education (B.S.) Guide
History (B.A.) 
History Education (B.S.) Guide

International Studies
International Studies (B.A.) Odd | Even
Modern Languages
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and other modern languages are offered in cooperation with Adventist Colleges Abroad.

Social Science
Social Science (B.A.) 
Social Science Education (B.S.) Guide


Traditional Student (January Entry) Guide
Traditional Student (August Entry) Guide
Transfer Student (January Entry) Guide
Transfer Student (August Entry) Guide

LPN-BSN (January Entry into NURS 321) Guide
LPN-BSN (August Entry into NURS 321) Guide
LPN-BSN (January Entry into NURS 322) Guide
LPN-BSN (August Entry into NURS 322) Guide

Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant Studies
Undergraduate: Health Science (B.S.) Guide
Undergraduate: Pre-Physician Assistant (B.S.) Odd | Even
Master's: Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Guide
See also:
Clinical Laboratory Science (B.S.) Guide
International Rescue and Relief: Pre-PA/PT (B.S.) Guide


Religion (B.S.) Odd | Even
Religion: Business Emphasis (B.S.) Odd | Even
Religion: Mission Service Emphasis (B.S.) Odd | Even
Religion: Pastoral Care Emphasis (B.S.) Odd | Even
Religion: Youth Ministry Minor (B.S.) Odd | Even
Religious Education (B.S.) Odd | Even
Theology: Biblical Languages (B.A.) Odd | Even
Theology: Youth Ministries  (B.A.)  Odd | Even
Social Media Ministry (B.S) Odd | Even

Science and Mathematics

Biology (B.A.) Guide
Biology (B.S.) Guide
Biology Education (B.S.) Guide
Biomedical Science (B.S) Guide

  • Biochemistry (B.S.) Guide
  • General Chemistry (B.S.) Guide 
  • General Chemistry (B.A.) Guide
Chemistry Education (B.S.) Guide
Engineering (A.S.) Guide
Math (B.A.) Guide
Math (B.S.) Guide
Math Education (B.S.) Guide
Natural Science Education

Physics (B.A.) Guide
Physics (B.S.) Guide
Physics Education (B.S.) Guide
Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry/Pre-Pharmacy (B.S.) Guide
Pre-Physical Therapy (B.S.) Guide
Pre-Genetic Counseling (B.S.) Guide


Union Scholars
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Center for
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