Union's Learning Environment

Photo of Dr. FItts teaching class.

Building an environment to challenge and empower requires a lot of support outside the classroom. Union's academic services provide this framework for learning, whether working directly with students or behind the scenes.



The Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library provides resources and assistance with research, reference, archives and more.



The Teaching Learning Center helps students through academic coaching and accessibility and disability services.


The Studio

Consultants in the Studio for Writing and Speaking guide students through the composition process, whether it's a research paper, essay, résumé, speech, or other projects.


Instructional Technology

The Office of Instructional Technology educates and supports teachers integrating modern technologies into their classes.


Career Center

The Career Center helps students find off-campus employment and internships, provides a directory of on-campus employment openings, and administers tests for college and graduate school entrance or guidance toward the right career.


Academic Assessment

The Office of Academic Assessment measures student learning in order to evaluate the quality of Union's programs and devise strategies to improve them.


Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research collects and analyzes demographic, academic and other institutional data to support planning, policy making and other administrative decisions.



The Records Office tracks a student's academic progress and maintains transcripts.