Ask Students

"Why did you choose the PA program at Union College?"

Rod Lazo
"I decided on Union College because of the Christian-focused education I knew I would be receiving. After meeting with the staff during my first visit to Nebraska, I was reassured of this fact. Every single person that I met with emphasized the mission of the program, which is to keep Christ first in our lives and in our future practice. My expectations for the quality of education that I would be receiving was definitely exceeded in my first year of class work. Going into my last year clinical rotations, I feel confident that the instruction I have received has prepared me for what is ahead. I daily remind myself of how much of a blessing it is to be in this program and I constantly thank God for making His presence felt here."

Jenni Bolejack
"I chose to come to Union's PA program because I want to learn to practice medicine as a Christian. My goal is to reach people spiritually as I treat them physically. For this reason, Union was my first choice. Now that I've been in the program for a year, I am more sure that I made the right choice. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to learn from Christian practitioners and to see medicine from that point of view. Talking to students from other programs at the state and national PA conferences, I have found that Union's program is very comparable academically to many of the other programs. The major difference is that we have wonderful spiritual leaders teaching us, encouraging us and praying for us."

Eric Harl
"I have gone to the universities and the community colleges. I've seen that they have a good education to offer. However, it stops right there. Union college has given me a mind for medicine and, just as important, a heart for medicine. Through the incredibly caring faculty and the familial student support, I have felt like an individual who matters. I now know how important it is to be treated with Christ-like love and respect and I will give that to my patients daily. That is what my patients deserve, and that is why I came to Union College."

Stephen Yost
"I visited Union College and found the student support by faculty and administration to be far beyond what I had hoped for. While this is a family practice focus, there was the flexibility to meet my interests and practice. I found the instructors and administrators willing to go far beyond the extra mile. The small intimate atmosphere in the college and the program are a very positive factor. My classmates are well grounded and supportive of one another. My entire class bonded into a close knit, mutually supportive group that worked hard for each other. While I'm not Adventist, I have enjoyed the spiritual aspects of the campus and the PA program. I have grown spiritually through my time at Union. In all aspects I am very pleased with Union College and the Union College PA Program. I feel God brought me to this place for a purpose and it has enriched my life, beyond just gaining this education."

Brad Seltmann
"The reason I was primarily interested in the Union College PA Program was because I had met some of the staff and saw that they had the vision of helping the whole person, not just the chief complaint. I feel that I will be a better, more effective PA because of this approach. The extent to which we as students have come to know and appreciate our instructors is something that I feel very few students in other programs experience (They are probably the most patient group of faculty I have ever known!). I think it makes learning medicine not easier, but more enjoyable and natural."

Brad Schauer
"I am thankful I chose Union's PA program for my education. I have found the program faculty to be very supportive and willing to consider and accommodate individual needs. The Christian atmosphere is refreshing. It was encouraging to receive a note in my box on one occasion saying that the staff are praying specifically for my success during that day. I have also been impressed with the guest lectures and support from the local medical community, which I feel have prepared me for my career."

Alma Linda Acuna                                                                                                                         "Though Union College was far from all my friends and family in San Diego, California, I truly felt God leading me to this PA program. It had always been my desire to go to a school that could train me to become a high quality health care provider, able to meet the demands of this modern society, while simultaneously learning how Christ would have handled things. I didn't really think a school like this existed until I heard of Union College. One of the best parts for me is all the great classmates we have. I love it here!"

Carrie Kleinschmidt
"The PA program had many components that influenced my decision to apply and accept the position. Having a husband and child, I knew any PA program would be challenging not only scholastically, but also from a family dynamic perspective. Union's program places very high regard to students with families and strives to help students balance the life of school with home life. The Christian atmosphere has such a positive influence on the attitude of students. It promotes healthy discussion in the classroom and is directing us to become more sensitive Christian health care providers."

Michelle Thompson
"I chose Union for many reasons. The Christian atmosphere was a big factor. The smaller class is wonderful. The individualized attention means a lot. You're not known as just a social security number here. Everyone knows your name within days, whether it's financial aid, billing or yes, the wonderful instructors. Being a nurse for 12 years, I've came to know a lot of physicians and the PA program has a lot of excellent physicians to precept with. Union College is the place to go, no question about it."

Doug Phelps
"The reasons I chose Union are many. One of the most important reasons has to do with the Christian atmosphere found at Union. Teachers demonstrate a Christian example everyday, and saying a prayer is the norm and not the exception. Also, the small college atmosphere was important. Teachers not only know your name while you are in their class, but even after you do not have that teacher for a class anymore they still know who you are and will come up and talk to you. The quality of instructors is great, and they all are willing to go out of their way to help you. These are only a few of the many reasons I chose to attend the Union College Physician Assistant Program."