Playaway Audiobook Policy

1.  Playaway Audiobooks are digital audiobooks.  Each title is cataloged and can be found in the online catalog.  The prefix is AB. 

2.  Currently 8 titles are on 1 week reserve and a list will be in found in the Reserve book under Playaways.

3.  Each Playaway case includes earbuds, Playaway audiobook, and extra batteries.  When returning the Playaway to the library be sure that both the Playaway audiobook and earbuds are in the case.

4.  There is an automatic fine of $1.50 to replace missing earbuds.  Regular reserve fines apply to the Playaway device:

Overdue: .50 cents per day
Lost: Cost of item plus $40.00 processing fee

5.  Please report problems with the Playaway device to the Circulation Desk supervisor.