Seminar/Media Room Use

  1. This policy concerns seminar rooms 224-227, 113-114, 130-134, and 102-103; and media rooms 106-107.
  2. Media rooms are for the exclusive use of Union College students and staff.
  3. The person requesting to use a room must submit a current Union College ID card at the Circulation Desk.
  4. The person using the room must be the owner of that card and willing to accept responsibility for any activity that happens in that room. Spilled drinks should be reported immediately.
  5. Use of media equipment is limited to Union College Library materials or items assigned by Union College faculty.
  6. Rooms are not reserved.
  7. Use of media rooms is limited to two hours but may be renewed if no others have asked for that room or media equipment.
  8. A room is considered in use while the student's card is in the respective slot at the Circulation Desk.  If a card is removed, the room is considered empty and available to the first person who asks for a room even if books or personal items have been left.  In addition, if a student is physically absent from the room for an excessive length of time while leaving his card at the Circulation Desk and personal items in the room, the room may be given to another person.
  9. When the person given possession of a study room leaves, in order to have his ID card returned he must either leave the room vacant or have the other person in the room replace the original inhabitant's card with his own card.

Approved 10/7/2003