Calculating Grade Point Averages

Calculating Grade Point Averages

The grade point average is computed by totaling the grade points of all the courses and dividing by the total semester hours for which grades are received. AU, CR, NC, W, I, IP, NR, and RP are disregarded in computing the grade point average. When calculating graduation and honors requirements, GPA's are not rounded up. Thus a student with a GPA of 1.997 does not meet the graduation requirement of 2.00; likewise, a GPA of 3.749 will not satisfy the requirements for the Dean's List (3.75).

Repeat Courses
Courses may be repeated provided advanced work has not been taken in the same field. When a student repeats a course at Union College or another accredited institution, both the original and repeat credits become part of the student's permanent record. Only the highest grade and credits earned are computed in the cumulative grade point average and included in the total credits earned.

Students may petition to receive the designation of incomplete (I) in case of illness or unavoidable circumstances. An will be recorded only if the student has already completed the major requirements of the course. A request for an incomplete must be submitted before the final class period and approved by the instructor and the division chair. The request must also include the grade the student would receive if no further work were completed in the course and the deadline for course completion which must be not later than the end of the following term (not including the summer term). Failure to meet this contract deadline will result in recording of the grade as indicated on the request. Forms are available in the Records Office.

In Progress
The designation in progress (IP) may be giving for courses whose requirements are recognized as likely to extend beyond the given semester, typically due to extensive research, field or clinical experiences, or internship. The deadline for completion may vary but not exceed one year. The final letter grade is filed with the Records Office when the instructor submits a Grade Correction Form. If the work is not completed within the designated time, a grade based upon completed work will be submitted by the instructor. IP designations must be changed to letter grades prior to the student's graduation. Courses meeting the purpose of the IP designation are recommended by the division involved and approved by the Academic Council.

Credit/No Credit
Juniors and seniors with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00, may take one course per semester on a credit/no credit basis. This option is not available for requirements in major, minor, contextual, or general education courses, or professional courses in eduaction required for certification. This option must be requested no later that five days after distribution of mid-term grades. Courses taken earlier for a grade cannot be repeated under this option. Forms are available in the Records Office.

Change of Assigned Grades
After a final grade has been recorded, an instructor may request a change in the grade if there has been an error in calculating or recording the grade. Grade changes are not available for assignments turned in beyond the end of the semester. If a student and an instructor differ in their understanding of a grade, the student should follow the grievance procedures outlined in the Student Life and Services section.