Most Union College course offerings have been approved by the Nebraska Department of Education State Approving Agency for benefits to veterans and other persons eligible under the various GI Bill® programs administered by the department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Contact the local VA Regional Office to inquire about specific eligibility requirements.

Enrollment in 12 or more credit hours is considered full-time training. It is the student's responsibility to report any changes in enrollment. The college is also required to report promptly any changes in enrollment data affecting payment to the VA. Students who are placed on academic suspension will be reported. The Academic Council will arbitrate any questions concerning satisfactory progress toward program completion. VA will not pay for any course for which the grade assigned does not count toward graduation requirements.

Union College holds no power-of-attorney agreements authorizing the school to negotiate VA educational assistance checks, and neither Union nor any of its representatives have direct or indirect access to the proceeds of any such checks other than direct payment by the student holding the check.

If you are eligible for veteran's benefits, once you have received your certificate of eligibility, contact Salli Jenks in the Records Office to start the process of benefits at Union College.  sajenks [at] or 402-486-2529