Science and Mathematics Faculty and Staff

Division of Science and Mathematics (402.486.2515)

Name Title Location Extensionsort ascending Email
Carrie Wolfe Photo of Carrie Wolfe Chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics, Professor of Chemistry Jorgensen Hall 204-A 402.486.2548
Darla Peterson Photo of Darla Peterson Science and Math Division Office Manager Krueger Center 223 402.486.2515
Angie Hardt Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics Jorgensen Hall 124-B 2376
Richard Webb Photo of Richard Webb Professor of Physics Krueger Center 134 2370
Salvador Moguel Photo of Salvador Moguel Associate Professor of Biology Jorgensen Hall 311 2369
Corraine McNeill Photo of Corraine McNeill Assistant Professor of Biology Krueger Center 138 2368
Larry Ray Photo of Larry Ray Professor of Mathematics Krueger Center 236 2367
Richard Clark Picture of Richard Clark Professor of Chemistry Jorgensen Hall 217 2366
Frankie Rose Photo of Frankie Rose Assistant Professor of Biology, PA Program Research Director Jorgensen Hall 321 2364
Kenneth Osborn Photo of Kenneth Osborn Associate Professor of Chemistry Jorgensen Hall 124-C 2362
Amy Utt Photo of Amy Utt Assistant Professor of Biology Jorgensen Hall 303 2361
Keith Riese Picture of Keith Riese Professor of Engineering Krueger Center 250 2360
Seth McNeill Photo of Seth McNeill Assistant Professor of Engineering and Computer Science Krueger Center 132 2360
Lesa Kean Picture of Lesa Kean Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Mathematics Education Krueger Center 234 2305