Service Examples

Community Service

Project Impact
Matt Talbot Kitchen
Madonna School for Exceptional Children
Children's Hospice
Cleaning church
Trip to Guatemala (volunteer at school in medical area)
St. Louis Community Center (boxing clothes, packing food baskets, etc.)
Good Neighbor Center
Community Emergency Response
Team Joe Mertz Center
Turkey Run 
Participation in production of Nut Cracker and Carmen Buran

Spiritual Service

CVC Youth Sabbath School
Women in Touch
Singspiration at Union Manor
Union College String Quartet
Prayer group-dorm
Kingdom Kids
Women's group-UNL
Church drama production
Literature distribution
Pathfinder leader

Service within the Major

CVC Health Fair Booth
Foot Clinic
CHIP program
Radio Show while SM in Poland
Missouri Baptist Hospital
Volunteered to help in Genetics Lab