Applications and Forms

Some forms are electronic while others are PDF versions that need to be printed, completed and returned to Union College. For PDF forms you can send with either option:

  • Scan document and email enroll [at] 
  • Mail to: 
    • Attn: Admissions office
    • Union College
    • 3800 S. 48th Street
    • Lincoln, NE  68506
    • USA


To apply to attend Union College

Application for admission
(You will not be able to save partial progress.)
Transcript from all high schools and colleges attended

Contact your registrar to mail transcripts to:
  Attn: Director of Admissions
  Union College
  3800 S. 48th St.
  Lincoln, NE 68506
ACT or SAT scores (For domestic students)    


Required forms for all accepted students

Residence hall housing form 


Student medical insurance—bring your insurance card with you or buy insurance on campus
Personal health history    

Immunization records
Scan and email your immunization records to studenthealth [at] You need proof of the following:

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) two vaccines after the 1st birthday or a lab titer proving immunity.
  • Meningococcal vaccines (2 shots) or a waiver form signed if living in the residence hall (must be signed by parent if student is under 19 years old). 
  • Internationally born students: a negative Tuberculosis (TB) skin test within the past year and TB form.

Additional Recommended Vaccines*:

  • Tetanus (Tdap) to be within the past 10 years
  • Polio series (3-4 shots)
  • Varicella (chickenpox) vaccines (2 shots) or Varicella lab titer proving immunity.
  • Hepatitis B series (3 shots)

*Students traveling internationally—in addition to students in the physician assistant, nursing and international rescue and relief programs—are required to have these vaccines.

Consent to treat 
(parent must sign if student is younger than 19 years old)
Financial checklist    
Confirmation deposit    


Required for accepted international students

Please fill out the forms below and the forms above under "required forms for all students."

Affidavit of support    
Medical exam (if coming from outside of the United States)    

TB skin tests from within the past year.

  • Students can receive the test in the Student Health office if one cannot be obtained prior to arrival.
  • If skin test is positive, you will need to get a lab test completed called a T-spot.
  • If the lab is positive, then a visit with our campus physician is scheduled. A chest X-ray is done to check for tuberculosis and medication prescribed by the doctor as recommended for each individual.


Optional forms

On-campus student employment application    
Reapplication for admission
(For students who previously attended Union College)
Recommendation form
(For students appealing denial of admission)
ACT during New Student Orientation   Coming June 2017


Important information

Acceptance checklist 


Scholarships, tuition and fees    
Other financial aid forms    
International checklist or as a pdf    
Academic calendar    
Apply for the nursing program    
Student handbook    
New Student Orientation (NSO) guide and schedule   Coming June 2017