Student Employment

Many campus jobs are available and pay at (or slightly above) the Nebraska minimum wage of eight dollars per hour. Campus earnings can be applied to the student account if the student signs an Earnings Withholding Authorization form. Some students incur income tax withholdings. Visit the Union College Career Center for more information on jobs available on and off campus.


Earning Estimates

School Year* ($8/hr)  
Hours/Week Semester Yearly
10 $1,280 $2,560
15 $1,920 $3,840
20 $2,560 $5,120
Summer ($9/hr)  
Hours Earnings  
300 $2,400  
350 $2,800  
400 $3,200  
450 $3,600  

* Amounts may vary based on hourly pay rates but based on the minimum wage of $8/hour over 16 weeks per semester. Estimates do not include any cash withdrawls, niether do they account for vacation days during the school year when students could work more hours or travel.

Summer work is $9/hr and is from Graduation Day in May until New Student Orientation (for freshman) or first day of fall semester classes (for returning students).