Visit Union

Drawing of Lincoln and Omaha buildings with a VW bus.

Join us for a campus visit and experience Union for yourself. This is your chance to meet the undergraduate professors, talk finances, get a campus tour and eat some free food.

(Graduate students are not eligible. Contact the physician assistant department for a visit: 402.486.2527.)

Can't visit? The next best thing is seeing campus through our virtual tour (click on the red letters on the right hand side of the map) or check out our printable map here.

Are you from Nebraska?

You may prefer a day visit. Appointments usually start at 9 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. and last three hours. We are closed Friday Noon-Sunday.

Not from Nebraska?

Eighty percent of our students aren't Nebraskans. Spend a weekend meeting the people who make Union College the place to be. Details below.



Here's how it works:

1. Register for a visit date.

Want to experience being a Union student for an entire FREE weekend? Register for a Preview Days. Meet other prospective freshmen, sit in a college class, see the town of Lincoln and participate in Union's weekend activities.  A weekend schedule is e-mailed after registration. The first Preview Days event is check-in on Thursday from 2-3 p.m. Campus tour and financial aid presentation directly follow check-in. Departure is any time on Sunday (hot breakfast is served 10 a.m.). 

Only one free Preview Days experience per student (if you want to come multiple Preview Day weekends, you'll need to pay for food, lodging and entertaintment for your following Preview Days—or just enroll in the fall!). 

2014-2015 Preview Days
—April 16-19

2015-2016 Preview Days
—September 17-20
—November 5-8
—January 28-31
—March 24-27
—April 14-17

Those dates don't work? We can schedule a personalized visit during one of our available visit dates. Meet with an admissions and financial aid advisor, talk to academic advisors and get a tour of campus.

2. Confirm your date and plan your travel.

If you have applied to Union, sent in your transcripts 10 days before your visit (fax: 402.486.2566) and have a qualifying 2.5+ GPA, you are eligible for up to $250 in gas or airfare travel reimbursement (keep your receipts!)

We provide free airport pick-up from Lincoln (20 minutes away) or Omaha (1 hour away) airports. E-mail your itinerary at least one week before your arrival.

Bring a sleeping bag.
We provide up to two nights and three days of on-campus lodging and meals for a prospective student and a parent. In order to get a more complete view of college life during the school year, prospective students stay with our student hosts in residence halls, so bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Parents stay in our on-campus Ortner center guest lodging with private bathroom, towels and queen-size bed. Ortner Center check out is 11 a.m.

During the summer: We provide one day's food and lodging on campus and students stay in on-campus hotel lodging with parents. We do our best to schedule the advising appointments requested, but please be aware that many professors travel over the summer and are not guaranteed to be available.

3. Have questions?

Check out our What if...? page. If you still have questions, contact us:
  1. Call 402.486.2694
  2. Email visit [at] ucollege [dot] edu

Visit Dates 2014-2015

Five business days notice is needed to schedule your individual visit.

April 2015

OPEN for individual visits (closed Noon Friday-Sunday)
LAST DAY to register for Preview Days
Closed (Preview Days prep)
Preview Days
Closed (Preview Days recovery) 
OPEN for individual visits (closed Noon Friday-Sunday)

May 2015
Closed (Final exams)
Closed (Graduation)
Closed (Faculty development)
Closed (Division meetings)
OPEN for individual visits (closed Noon Friday-Sunday)
June 2015
1-30 OPEN for individual visits (closed Noon Friday-Sunday)
July 2015
1-31 OPEN for individual visits (closed Noon Friday-Sunday)