Union Hosts


Welcome Union hosts!

Your friendliness, clean environment and welcoming attitude make huge impressions on prospective students and help them feel that they belong. Thank you for taking time out to host a prospective student!

Invite a friend!

If you have a friend who would thrive at Union College, give me a call! We can set him/her up with a free campus visit and up to $250 in travel reimbursement with their qualifying 2.5+ GPA transcript and application. Check out our visit program or give me a call for more details.

All the best,


Rachael Boyd
Campus Visit Coordinator

House Rules

  • You can get 1 ticket per student.
    Up to two guests per room.

  • You can only get a ticket if you signed up to host.
    If a student moves to your room after arriving, you will not get a ticket.
    If a guest you've signed up to host cancels more than 24 hours in advance, you will not get a ticket.
    If a guest decides to leave your room for reasons other than messiness or unkindness you will still get a ticket.

  • Only the roommate who signs up for a student will be listed as receiving the ticket.
    You can ask to receive half points, or let one roommate get a ticket one visit and the other get the ticket the next visit.
  • Tickets are only valid for the school year.
    Tickets are not valid after April 30 each year.

Tickets and Prizes

As our thank you for making Union more fun for visiting students, we give you tickets that you can redeem at any time for prizes by visiting Enrollment Services (5th floor of the Everett Dick Building).

Each ticket is worth a $5-credit toward a gift card. For example, for 2 tickets you could get a $10 gift card, 3 tickets is worth a $15 gift card, etc.

Gift Cards Available:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Chipotle
  • The Mill
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Cherry on Top
  • Noodles
  • Best Buy
  • Starbucks


Group prize

If your floor hosts the most percentage of visitors this year you all split $500. Go paint balling. Spend an afternoon in a spa. Split the cash. Leave a legacy in your dorm. Eat unlimited Taco Bell during finals week.

  • Only floor rooms that have hosted at least twice are eligible to split the prize money. 
  • Group prize money uses must be approved by deans.

How to lose points

1. Messy room—guest moves rooms—No points

2. Messy room 2nd time—guest moves—Minus 1 point, off housing list

Level up faster

If you would like to be on our “First Call” e-mail list, contact Rachael Boyd (402.486.2694). You’ll be given the first chance to sign up for guests (not just Preview Days students) who need a place to stay during the school year.

Basketball, Volleyball and Music Festival get tickets!

The athletics and fine arts departments are partnering withEnrollment to offer hosting tickets to Union students during basketball and volleyball tournaments and music festival! Please make sure to let your athletics and fine arts departments know you appreciate it too!

Halls of Hosted the Most Fame

2009-2010     Rees 4th West    (40.7% of female guests)     Won a Wii 

2010-2011    Prescott 7th     (28% of male guests)     Split $500 cash

2011-2012     Culver 2nd    (32.7% of male guests)   Split $500 cash

2012-2013     Culver 2nd    (41% of male guests)      Used $500 to buy TV for their hall and more hall scooters

2013-2014     Culver 3rd    (26% of male guests)      Split $500 cash

2014-2015     Culver 2nd   (26% of male guests)      Split $500 cash

Culver 3rd in 2014 living in style.