Donor Stories

Donor Stories

     Gifting Real Estate

     Brinker Family

     Endowing the SM Experience

     Leo '52 and Claudine '52 Herber

     Unrestricted Estate Gifts

     V. Warren '36 and Thelma '37 Swayze

     Fixed Income Payments

     Jessica Saxton '51

     Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity

     Avery '38 and Arline McTaggart '37 Dick

     Charitable Remainder Unitrust

     Crawford '55 and Gloria '55 Pierce

     Avoid Capital Gains

     Margaret Hyde '53

     Increase Retirement Income

     Elvin '50 and Pat Benton

Planning for the Future    

Oliver '49 and Barbara Versaw '50 Pogue

     Life Insurance

     Jerome '65 and Ramona '65 Lang

     Endowed Scholarships

     Charlie '56 and Naoma '54 Henkelmann

     Academic Endowments

Helen Battle and George Thomson '48

     Appreciated Property

     Melvin '63 and Karen '62 Lake

     Unique Way to Generate Income

     Frank '39 and Evelyn '41 Rice