Pogue Bequest

Oliver and Barbara Pogue have strong ties to Union College. Barbara moved with her family to the College View community in 1941, graduating from Union College Academy in 1946 and then from Union in 1950. Oliver first attended Union from 1940-42, but like so many others was called to serve his country during the war. After returning from the service, he completed his degree in 1949.

Barbara recalls attending programs at Union during her childhood. "My favorite program of all was the Hanging of the Golden Cords. I was determined from grade school age that a cord would be hung for me someday." Her dream was fulfilled when the Pogues served as missionaries in South America from July 1955 to August 1966. After mission service the Pogues returned to Lincoln where all four of their children attended Union College . Oliver and Barbara also stayed personally connected with the college. Barbara taught in the Teaching Learning Center and Dr. Pogue served as the school doctor.            

Although they have since moved from Lincoln , the Pogues are pleased to support Union College with annual gifts. In addition, they also understand the importance of estate gifts to the future of the college. "We have remembered Union in our estate because Union College has always meant a lot to both of us," say the Pogues. Their bequest will establish an endowed scholarship to benefit Union students. Through gifts such as these, Union 's endowment will continue to flourish and allow the college to service future generations.

Have you considered the difference a bequest in your trust or will can make? Union College personnel have witnessed the peace of mind it provides, not only for the maker, but also for family members. They have seen, as well, the great good done when Union College is remembered through a bequest. Not only has Union 's endowment grown considerably in the last ten years, but bequests have also provided resources for capital improvements, faculty continuing education, an endowed professorship and operating subsidies.  

If you have taken the step of including Union in your estate plan, please let us know by going to ForeSight Club and filling out the membership form. If you are still planning your estate and have questions, please contact a professional advisor. You may also contact Scot Coppock, Director of Leadership Giving at Union College, 3800 South 48th Street, Lincoln, NE 68506, 402.486.2503 or e-mail sccoppoc [at] ucollege.edu.