History Book

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This is a book all Unionites will treasure. Discover the challenges Union's pioneers met and conquered. Enjoy an amazing collection of historical photos, dating from the late 1800s through the present. Trace Union's growth from the days of wooden sidewalks to the days of wireless technology.

In Light Upon the Hill you will read about historical firsts and long-lasting traditions which have come together to develop today's college community.

Throughout these pages you will experience the spirit of Union College as it has developed through the years. While changes and progress will be evident, you will also read how Union College is still a light upon the hill radiating throughout the community, the country and the world.

Light Upon the Hill is derived from a number of sources, including adaptations from Union: College of the Golden Cords, by Everett Dick, ©1967 by Union College; a previously unpublished manuscript by George Gibson, class of 1969; articles from CORDmagazine; college staff and student writers. The text is enhanced with more than 200 photos, including a 16-page color section.

Unveiled during Homecoming 2004, Light Upon the Hill celebrates the centennial of the Union College Alumni Association - 1904 to 2004.

"... Union College is more than buildings named for people. It's the people themselves - students, staff, supporters. They and you make Union 'The Light Upon the Hill.'"
- Excerpt from the preface, written by Shirley Burton, class of 1949

"I treasure this [the book] and congratulate the staff on an excellent history update."
- Marilyn Brown, class of 1951