The Union College Financial Advantage

Photo of students on the lawn.

The Union College financial advantage means exceptional scholarships combined wtih mentorship, preparation and extra benefits.

  • Mentorship. We strive to create a culture of learning, dialogue and discovering your God-given talents. With our small class sizes, teachers will know who you are and your strengths. Utilize their decades of experience to pick the right occupation for you and the technical knowledge to launch your career.
  • Preparation. We believe you’ll get the individualized attention, practical experience and the love of learning you’ll need to be successful in your career and in your life. But if you do decide to change careers, come back to Union and earn another degree for half price (see details below).
  • Extra benefits. Union College includes several things in its price at NO additional cost:
    • Up to 17 credits for the same price (most colleges allow 12-16 credits)
    • Free parking
    • Membership to 1-3 campus clubs
    • Counseling services to students
    • Tutoring and life coaching through the Teaching Learning Center
    • While most colleges require the entire cost of a semester up front, Union offers parents and students a 10-month interest-free payment option. After loans, grants and scholarship are applied, the remainder of the cost is divided into 10 monthly payments. There is no monthly fee as long as the account is up-to-date.

Baccalaureate Bonus Program

Union’s Baccalaureate Bonus program offers qualified students who hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent the opportunity to take additional undergraduate classes or even to complete another undergraduate degree at half the current tuition rate. Students electing to enter the program may carry either full- or part-time class loads.

The following apply:

  • Applicants must submit an official transcript verifying completion of the previous degree.
  • The Baccalaureate Bonus program’s half-tuition rate applies only to fall and spring semesters.
  • Discounts are applied to tuition only and do not apply to laboratory or other fees, clinical coursework, off-campus courses, individual lessons, or the professional phases of Health Sciences, Nursing or the International Rescue and Relief program.
  • International students who hold a degree equivalent to the American bachelor’s and meet the English language requirement may qualify for the discount.
  • Students paying full tuition will receive priority for registration in limited enrollment classes and laboratory sections.
  • Baccalaureate Bonus students must maintain satisfactory academic progress each semester (2.0 minimum semester GPA) in order to continue in the Baccalaureate Bonus program.

Financial Considerations

Applicants to the Baccalaureate Bonus programs must have paid in full any previous account balances held with Union College.

  • The student remains responsible for summer school tuition, other expenses, and fees, which, unlike regular tuition, are not reduced. The student also assumes full financial responsibility for classes taken at other colleges or universities.
  • Students in the programs are not eligible to receive any other Union College scholarships or financial awards.
  • On-campus employment is not usually available to students in the Baccalaureate Bonus program. However, based on campus employment needs, the Student Finance Committee may approve a student’s application for employment.
  • Other restrictions may apply. Contact Enrollment Services for more information (402.486.2504). 

The Fine Print

Union College reserves the right to make changes to any provision or requirement at any time with particular reference to admission, registration, tuition and fees, financial aid and scholarship programs. 

The Guaranteed Education program's last semester is Fall 2016.