Photo of the team performing.

Group photo of the team.

Union's acrobatic gymnastics team travels throughout the Midwest and internationally performing at churches, high schools and other venues. Acro has less in common with the artistic gymnastics seen at the Olympics and is more closely related to cheerleading and circus gymnastics. The gymnaires perform but they do not compete. Membership on the Gymnaires team gives class credit and can apply toward health and human performance requirements.

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2014-2015 Roster

  • Aaron Ruano
  • Alexandra Ufret
  • Brent Hildebrand
  • Brittany Driver
  • Celica Galeano
  • Daniel Hauck
  • David Chapman
  • Derek Baker
  • Elias Cerna
  • Georgia Russell
  • Hannah Keiser
  • Ivy Arreguin
  • Jeffrey Middleton
  • Julius Ellis
  • Kayla Randolph
  • Kaytlyn Sizemore
  • Kyrsti Cotton
  • Lindsay Fandrich
  • Michael Cabrera
  • Moses Arevalo
  • Nathan Cruzen
  • Perla Suarez
  • Ryan Perry
  • Sam Dinzey
  • 1

Head Coach: Ryan Perry

Assistant Coaches: Cindy Spaulding, Dan Klein Jr.

Phone: 402.486.2600 ext. 2165


February 28 - March 2    Wisconsin Academy

March 21-23                    Sunnydale Academy

March 28-30                    Ozark Academy